Friday, February 24, 2017

So, A Tribute: In Memory of Cikgu Mail

May your soul rests in peace, Cikgu Ismail Mohamad
This is one of the persons that play important roles in shaping who I am today
Since I am growing up with the absence of my bio father, late Cikgu Mail had been one of the father figures that I could find so that I could look up to
For inspiration
For guidance
Besides, he had been nothing but amazing to me
He is one of the persons in this whole wide world who have faith in me

Not even my music teacher in high school believed in me of my singing career choice
But he was correct tho
I can't make it to become a good singer
Nonetheless, my music teacher at my primary school had faith in me
However, I had too little voice lesson, or none at all, I just learn by myself by watching videos and all but then, I...
HEYYY, this is not the entire reason of this post!
Sorry for being off tangent from the main focus...

What I am trying to say is that how wonderful he was to me when I was struggling to grow up, to make choices, to go through challenges
He had faith in me when no one else believed in me
I am thankful for what he had done to me
Everyone has their own lackings in everyone's own way, still I am glad and thankful for his presence a while back
Thank you so much for everything

You'd been called by the Creator almost a month ago
There are memories that I will cherish till the end of time
You have been nothing but amazing to me and I don't think I could thank you enough
I sensed that you were growing cold towards me and I want to apologize that I didn't get the chance to clear that up personally
I am sorry, I really am sorry
My prayers always goes out for you that you will be protected and blessed by Him
Till we meet again
See you on the other side


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