Friday, February 10, 2017

So, The Journey Back With EVA Air

Well, this is one of the means to keep myself not to sleep during the day

They say jetlag, but I just take it as a mere sleepiness during day time where you feel the need to nap for a bit

I slept quite horribly on the flight
Who does sleep well in a long haul flight in an economy seat?
16 hours, transit for an hour, and another 5+ hours just to complete the journey
Also, since it was crossing the Pacific ocean, that meant that I lost my Thursday
Technically speaking, I had only 10 hours for my Thursday spent on the flight, trying to sleep
According to my sleep tracker, I only slept for 3 friggin' hours
Good grief!

What's interesting?
On the first flight, there's in flight entertainment
I would say kudos to the EVA Air digital media

The Sky Theatre they call it
I love the flow of the interface
The flicking through a stack of cards is lovely!
Besides the smoothness of navigation, however, the response time is a little bit of a lag
The choices are rather limited because clearly they are serving the Asian market, (read: Chinese market)
For some reason, people think that ASIAN = CHINESE, no other
Chinese and Chinese only are Asian
They are wrong!
Back to the review, so, there are a quite limited selection, tho, it has a good bunch of choices
For instance, I love Little Mix, however, I forgot to have it ready in my MP3 player
Surprise, surprise! They have the latest album of LM!!!
Glory Days was on my favorite list in the digital media
I like to browse first and then decide what I want to watch, but usually I will forget later during the flight
But then, bam! I saw that feature and added quite a number of movies
Then again, I didn't watch all of them

When I took the blindfold from the lavatory (read: bathroom), I recalled my old blindfold

lavatory kita takdelah macam ni tapi

The blindfold that is already old but I decide to keep it
Then, the notion about things change, not only people, as much as we deny that the fact that things
change, however, the process continues on to progressing
Deny all we want, still, it is still going to happen
The blindfold that I own is no longer favorable to be used however I still keep it
I still do
But then for what?
For what?
Keeping something just for the sake of keeping?
For what?
Why should I keep it if I can't use it?
Because that is just me
I love to keep safe things that is dear to me
Because it is hard for me to get stuffs, even for myself
Not coming from a privileged family, hence, everything that I have now, I have to earn it
Dia tak datang sendiri
Tapi takpelah, have to learn to let go
Even the hardest way

Then, sampai Taipei, then to Malaysia
I am relieved that I arrived here safely
OK, memang dah tak terbendung dah ngantok nih


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