Wednesday, July 6, 2016

So, It's the Time of Year > RAYA!!!

Yeay! Raya dah sampai. I am so relieved that the DAY is here! Even though we are celebrating hari raya without my late stepfather, or should I just call him father since he acted like one especially the fact that he stayed and never left me. That is why I have loved him more than my biological father. Heh, kenapa cerita benda sedih ni? Bukan lah benda sedih, tapi nak buat macam mana kan? Apapun, alfatihah for him. May his soul rests in peace.

So, what I did for this raya? Goodness! MAJOR SPRING CLEANING!!!

Signboard yang agak menakutkan
I thank God I am almost done with it. Just a couple more to go. Some parts at the front, the patio if you will, and the rooms. Some scrubbing to do. Then, the house can be deemed as a new home. I am so glad of what I have done for the house because it gives more space to breathe. Or else, it is totally like a store room, which is not acceptable according to me. Besides, I plan to come back for good after I finish my study in the States. I just want them be in a space that can be called home. Home where we create and I hope I help out to create more homey feeling. Huhuhu. I even considered to provide cleaning service. Not really a company, just a house help. What I would offer any assistance required at the household ranging from sweeping, cleaning, wiping, scrubbing, dusting, or even folding the clothes.

*knock knonk* Housekeeping!
Apart from the cleaning, what else?

MENGECAT BEB! Whoah! Semua orang takkan percaya kita boleh mengecat. Wah, camtu. Nah kau iklan Dulux free. LOL
Then, what else have I done? Baking!

Alangkah girangnya hidup kalau aku dok baking cantik macam ni. HAHAHA
So I made four cookies for raya. First up,
KUIH SEMPERIT!!! Tapi sedeh sikit lah rupa dia
Last but not least,
Selama dua hari, dapat buat 4. Kira okelah kan? Tapi ada lah tolong ibu buat kuih siput. Ekspres punya. HAHAHA. Like literally very very quick!

Bila hari dah raya, kita biasa-biasa ja. I even still cleaning because the momentum is still there. Therefore, I need to get going. Hence, I did some cleaning and arranging in BAJU RAYA, HAHAHA

Even penat sangat, I am glad. Sebab apa? Sebab penat mana pun, letih mana pun, sakit hati jugaklah sebab takde orang tolong sangat, in their defense, I am so picky and choosy and very cerewet! So I was always left alone working on my shit together. But then again, it is a part of the experience. How sourpuss I was, I should just embrace it. Let's be joyful.

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin.


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