Sunday, June 12, 2016

So, Should The Relationship Worth Being Given a Try?

My question: What people really look for when it comes to companion or a relationship? Speaking from the point of view of a hopeless romantic, I find it is ridiculous that people always toss whatever built for a relationship down the drain just like that when they just feel "I'm so done". What mood I am in right now? Verily heartbroken and feeling sorry for everything including myself. I am on my way back, in a flight, trying to survive the long haul flight, and watching devastating reality, not really the exact reality, of being in a relationship is totally not a good idea. I just feel so bad about life in general, where I try to build relationship, instead I pushed the people away, or they it just happen that I grow the dislikeness in them especially when I tried so hard to attract them. You know why I would do that? Because I treasure relationship. Sometimes, I might get carried away while straightening myself out of other self-inflicted issues, I hate to admit that I might abandon people who care. Why am I being so defensive now? I am just confused. Then, what people really want for a relationship?

I rarely been into a serious relationship. They were rather disappointing than to brag about it, how great they were back then. This happen may be because I keep on focusing on the bad times of the experience, not giving the chance of good times to shine its way while walking down the memory lane.

Let me dance around... lalalala
I watched 27 Dresses, my all-time favorite, which breaks my heart every time I watch Jane is brokenhearted that the person she admires is admiring someone else, instead of herself for being so devoted, empathetic, and caring. However, the ending always find its way too soothe me back to my senses. I feel so alive. Being broken then mended.

It hit me at the right places, to make me feel so bad and sorry for myself...
The second movie that got me into thinking about this is Blue Valentine. The happy heart just turned so blue. I thought the guy is so nice that he tried all he had to win back his wife's heart, for whatever reason her feelings are waning towards the marriage. In my opinion, she is the one to be blamed. She is seeking solace during her bleak days before she met this crazy spontaneous guy that was, still is I guess, in love with her but she just feel like she was already fell out of love for him. He tried to talk to her, but then she is right when she tried to talk him in that he always twist it back to her. In his defense, don't she just get it already that he enjoyed being a father, which he never thought of doing that before. He somehow bury his dreams (whatever they were) in the grave that he intends to give his daughter the best childhood that he never had. Therefore, she should be understanding but she doesn't want to. Instead, she keeps on provoking him into being something useful other than doing freelance mover job and nursing their daughter. He literally saved her, did something that he didn't want (being a father), took great care of her daughter. However, she just wanted it to be over. He never uses battery or anything that would hurt her but she keeps on hurting him emotionally. I feel so bad for that guy. I find it so romantic and caring for a man who looks after his kids. Then, I clicked on the music. The Ballads compilation in the SQ has all I needed to continue feeling sorry for myself. It is rather disturbing, but, unusually, comforting at the same time.

Is that how relationship will always gonna end like?


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