Monday, May 30, 2016

So, Chicago Fire: Just the Dose I Needed

I love the fact that I compelled to watch the series of Chicago Fire was based on my instinct
Just recently I learned that my instinct can be considered as a reliable source when I am in doubt
I usually don't trust it as much, but I think I will talk about instinct and intuition on the later post
It is an interesting subject
So, this time around is about the series
Chicago Fire!
Awesome series and you should start to watch them!

Look at the casts! They are just awesome!
I wish I can put a lot of the exclamation marks because it has been nothing but amazing!
There you go, another exclamation mark

Essentially, the series is about good Samaritans being great fire fighters in order to make sure the the neighborhood is safe from the hazards, apart from fire
Also, it is how sickening that people can do such bad things
Arguably, those people who did the bad things might have so much in their plate that they were compelled to do anything they were willing to do
On the other hand, the quick responses from the rescue team are required and never failed to amaze me
Again, it is just a drama arguably

It is interesting that the show presents how a fire house has to deal with different scenarios
And the bottom line of such events is to save lives
Definitely, it is a very tough jobs that impact the life of the fighters
Also, the fighters are just human
Just human
They have their own lives to handle
However, they have to be as rational as they can muster because there are lives are on the line
And that is, in my opinion, is the hardest part of all and applies to all of the people in this world
Keeping ourselves sane is hard especially when things got rough but then you needed to be sane because it will impact the lives of others, even the job that you have worked your ass off to get where you are
It is tough but it would be easier, in theory, to look at it as something that is easy to handle
Arguably, it is not that tough if you can train your mind to deal with such things
On the other hand, if your expectation require not only your own selves, then, it is going to be a little bit harder because involving another person would be a bit difficult
Why? Because they are just an uncontrollable factor because other people work separately, out of your control
If you are too dependent on other people, it is going to be harder
Why? You will be affected by the person you depend on
However, how to deal with that if that is the only thing that your gut is telling you, (read: you need someone to lean on)?

Side question: how can I deal with other people -- who refuse to learn self-control and keep on complaining about life in general that their life suck considering that I know that their life is not as bad, at least better than mine -- when I have worked so hard to have that sense of sense control? Somehow, I just felt so unfair
Maybe I need to learn more about it

Back to the series...
I love almost all the casts
The casts are successful to convince me that there are good people on earth, regardless, it is just a mere drama series
Arguably, there should be such people because there are real fire houses
There should be such nice people
Kelly Severide, Matt Casey, Wallace Bodden, Gabriela Dawson, just to name a few
They are just awesome
Tbh, I just wanna be like them that I think I should pick up their good qualities
But then, it is totally devastating that Leslie Shay died
She was one helluva friend that I wish I could have
Very supportive and very caring as well as very selfless
This is where I am about to direct this post: support system

Like mentioned earlier, the series taught me a lot about how to be there for someone
Everyone would experience that one time when they feel they are so alone with what they have to deal with
Everyone would experience that one time when they feel like they are the only ones who have to deal with the shit they have to deal with
Everyone would experience that one time when they feel like the world has been nothing but unfair to them
Everyone experience that

It takes a whole of a big heart and courage to do whatever they are doing
Of course, they are just actors and actresses playing their roles in the series
My point is that, they are people are putting their lives at risk to help others, especially those are in the lines of work similar to fire fighters
It is amazing how the series portrays the support that everyone should have for everyone
However, no sweat in doing so
In addition, it takes honesty and other virtues in order to be such such a good sport
Everyone needs one, everyone wants one
Someone to have their back during the good and bad times
How I wish that I would have such support they have in the drama
Maybe I am asking too much but life is, but a dream
You can't blame a girl for trying
On the contrary, I think I am getting the support I have been dreaming about
I have a friend who is coming around when I need one
What should I do?
Appreciate them
What else should I do?
Be the support that I think my close circle is needing
They will come around when you need one

I am trying to do what I feel like doing
What my guts is telling me to do
It says, "Do what you feel like doing because you only have one lifetime."
How general that statement is but I feel good about it
You should to
For now, I feel like being a good support to any one who consider me to be in their emergency contact list
I would ask myself to go extra miles in order to move forward in being one helluva good friend
Of course, there will challenges
I hope I can pass with flying colors
Best wishes for me