Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So, The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

Another great piece of work from Anna McPartlin!!!
At first, I felt very uncomfortable while reading something that has to do with death which the book takes place during the last 8 days of Rabbit Hayes, a happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic woman about life after another strike of cancer hit her again after she won the previous battle by removing one of her breasts

I read The One I Love swiftly but this one, I had it on a slower pace

The book managed to capture my attention as well as my emotion without me realizing it
I experienced a kind of unconscious mild consternation while reading it
I felt a very heavy heart
It took me more than I thought to finish it up
Since the author believes in humor even in the darkest hour, I was entertained by how the characters are joking about things that shouldn't be said but they enjoy the jokes themselves too
For example, Rabbit is not going to win this battle and Mr and Mrs H are at their wit's end
Mr and Mrs H was in a car and she said suddenly something about just drive the car into the sea and Mr H just go along by saying something that the family cannot lose them, too, since they are losing Rabbit
I want to thank the author because she does not make a very sad ending
It is a very enlightening ending, knowing that death is imminent and we can do nothing about it, but I love the way the story ends

The last 8 days of Rabbit Hayes is a good book to grab from the bookshelves
Like seriously
It is about family and love
It is about how people should be reacting in facing the situation
I like it how the family approach the situation
Everyone has their own characteristics and attitudes on how to deal with any situation but I have always look up to Molly Hayes or also known as Mrs H by other characters
A strong-willed and witty and decisive person
I am totally overwhelmed by the story
Just that it might get confusing about the timeline because flashbacks are in between the current situation

Also, I like the technique of third-person view but it is not affixed to only one character
I think it is the current trend where every characters able to share their own story, comparing to the older style where only one character has the spotlight for the whole novel
Besides, I've read another book that is recently published with the same style
Every character will be given their share of story
One last time, it is a good book to grab
On top of all, it teaches me to value life more than I did before
Life can be a winding road but it will never fail to get you bewildered by how wonderful it can be along the way


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