Thursday, March 19, 2015

So, This Is My Heartbeat Song

The long wait is now over!
The previous album was released a couple of years ago
She has been busy with her life: marriage and baby River Rose!

Piece by Piece is now out!!!
Go grab your copy from Kelly Clarkson Official PageAmazon, or maybe in your iPhone from iTunes

Super awesome and cool beats with her powerhouse vocal!!!

Believe me, you will never regret it

Track listing:
3. Someone
6. Run Run Run (feat. John Legend, originally by Tokio Hotel)
10. War Paint
12. Nostalgic

Deluxe tracks:

When I had my copy of the deluxe edition, the deluxe tracks appear to be awesome

Starting with Bad Reputation
I feel like dancing to the song whenever, wherever I listen to the song
Even I want to sing out loud along with the song
But only stifles of movements and lip-syncing occurred

In the Blue reminds me a lot about the past
The sweet memory, of someone
Lost somewhere along the storyline
But I kept them in the blue

Second Wind is like a payback kinda song
Especially when I felt so down and I managed to surface, just matched to its literal meaning

I just love all of them!!!


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