Monday, March 16, 2015

So, As Complicated As I Wish It Was Not As It Is

WOW! It has already 3 months passed after new year
And I haven't posted anything!
Because I have no idea what should I write
Same like now that I have no idea what to write!!!

Just writing because of my weird sleep cycle
This weird feeling
Always got me up all night
Is it the weather?
Is it me?
Or is it the other?
I can't tell
I am at the position of not understanding what kinda circumstance I am in now
Am I overwhelmed?
Am I confused?
I don't know!

It has been a week now, sleepless nights, all sleepy-head during the day
Can't help but to sleep
Unsure about what to do
Stay in bed seems the best as I could think of

There was a time when I just wish that things were like before
I was not anything
I was not in the focus
I was just having my me time
I was only doing what I really wanted without anyone to bother me

Seems like I might not be having that kinda thing anymore
I really wish things were like before
I closed my eyes, kept it as tight as I could
Wishing things were not changing
But it is changing

I am kinda freaking out now!
Anyone wanna come to my rescue???

Blurppp... blurpppp...

It is sad but true
It is hard to find inspiration
It is hard to find motivation
It is just plain hard
But, when there's a will for sure there's a way

Kinda feeling to work for a change
Kinda hard to do that without a good support system
To have support system huh?
I have a good one now, establishing it to be better
I know I made some of them mad, but I am doing the best I could
I wish I could do better
But I something I just couldn't control that
I am working on it
There is gonna be hiccups here and there
I'll have my faith kept well
Things gonna be OK
It's gonna be OK
It's gonna be OK


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