Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So, Holiday

What do you guys think when people said about holiday?
Should it be luxurious?
Should it be cheap?
Should it be relaxing?
Should it be hectic?
Should it be all of the above?

I wonder, what makes people think of going to places
Some may want to get to have a look around on how people lead their lives from different part of the world
Some may want to diffuse together with culture
Some may want to just travel outta peer pressure
This is my sheer two cents
DON'T get offended

If you'd asked me, I'd love to be in the nature
The sound of insects, not the animal apparently (I'll run like there's no tomorrow)
The sound of the sea breeze
So peaceful

This is how I like it

I just wish I can just stay there, out of connection
Just me alone
Filling myself in with loads of good vibes, fresh air

I just have this feeling
The getaway feeling
But when???


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