Monday, September 1, 2014

So, It's Been A While...

Homai goodness!!!
So many spider web!!!

I wish I can apologize, however, I don't think I do have a very consistent reader since I had no urgent request for a new post

Still, I feel bad that I didn't write for almost 3 months now!
Gosh, it's so fast!!!
I feel like it was yesterday I posted the most recent one

I wanna post today because I wanna share the feeling
The feeling when you had something big, but it was almost a year ago, now only people realize it
I was like, how am I going to react to that

Last year, November, I was awarded as the recipient of Royal Education Award with Medal of Excellence
It was a HUGE award!!!
But only a handful of people know that and it was only a plain congratulations wishes
I know I sounded so ungrateful
On my defense, it was HUGE!!!
My name is in the list of the recipient in the Pemegang Mohor Diraja's Official Website
I have no idea how to describe the feeling
However, the feeling was more intense last year!!!
Presently, I feel OK about it
And boom!
It's back

People started to congrats me again and I have no idea how to react to that
Just that if you do have any suggestion how to react to something you cannot think of how to react, kindly share ;)


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