Friday, May 2, 2014

So, It's May 2014

Time flew so fast
4 months went so quick
Happy Labour Day!!!
Went to work yesterday, came back late, and was pissed off
It was not a good day

I haven't get the chance to get sth out of me
What I'm saying, what is the achievement for the past 4 months?
I'd dare to say, I'm achieving nothing
Last year, I didn't achieve much
The convocation, the award were something unexpected
I didn't feel I achieved sth
Idk why
U may feel that I'm being ungrateful
What I can say is that, I'm just telling u what I feel

Almost half of the year
Maybe I need to plan
A time where I can reflect
Reflect of what I've done
What happened
Maybe this can help me to open up my eyes
To a greater height
For any possibilities

It's been a while I didn't write
I'll write more later


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