Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So, My Playlist to Start off 2014

It has been very quick
I think I haven't had the chance to blink my eyes
It is already the end of January
I really need to learn to get my life in order
I mean, to live as a human being
Being beneficial to others
That's we should roll
Not only for our own self

So, what I put in my mp3 player?
Here you go!!!

First up is Katy Perry's Prism

I like this album so much
She always make her music sounding so much of hers
I mean, she's very unique!
She has her own sound
Which is totally shows her true artiste
In fact, the songs are not the kind of trying-to-hard songs
She makes each one of her songs sounding very easy listening
Not too alien
You know right when you listen to new songs
There are my favourite songs like Legendary Lovers, Unconditionally, Dark Horse, Ghost, Love Me, This Moment, By The Grace of God, Spiritual, It Takes Two, Choose Your Battle
You can see that my fav list has almost all of the songs
It is very good
Try to put on your playlist

The second one is Little Mix's Salute

Another great album to listen to
I love this girlband because of their dynamics
The songs in it are very good!
It is so great to hear their songs!
So fresh!
The opening song for the album is so feisty, Salute, one of my favs
The same like Prism, almost all the songs are my favs
I love Little Me, Nothing Feels Like You, Towers, These Four Walls, Mr Loverboy, They Just Don't Know, and Little Me (unplugged)

There are other albums in my playlist

Self-titled album by Avril Lavigne

Jessie J's Alive

Lady Gaga's Artpop

The Saturdays' Living For the Weekend

Self-titled album by Paramore

Lorde's Pure Heroine

Ariana Grande's Yours Truly

Next are the list which are waiting on the line

Self-titled album by Beyonce

Nicki Minaj's Legacy

Imagine Dragons' Night Visions

As you can see, there are a few self-titled album
I have no idea why is that trending
Maybe they want to highlight their name again, instead of naming their albums by other names
If you guys have any other list, just write to me
Maybe I might love it


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