Thursday, January 9, 2014

So, Looking Back at 2013

Happy new year!!!
Happy 2014!!!

It has been quite a very quick year for me
For the first time in my life to have all the list to be accomplished
So called, a resolution list
However, only a few were checked
The others are still pending
And yet, it's so frustrating
How people keep track with their list???
Mind to share?

Two, zero, one, three
It had been a very quick year for me
Last time I remember doing was...
I don't know
I don't remember what I did, nothing much significant
But there was one big thing happened
I'm so happy
Still happy about it

I was 79th-UiTM-Convocation's best student!
One of the best students
I was the recipient of Anugerah Pelajaran Diraja (Pingat Jaya Cemerlang)
I iz happy!!!
Thank you for those who have been supporting me
And still keep on supporting me

My Ibu, Abah
Quiet but I know they are praying for me
Never get in my way to do things
They know that I won't do anything silly
That's what I got from one of my colleagues

My siblings
The annoying but reliable
The gorgeous and courageous
The young and dangerous but very kind
Each one represent each one of them
Thank you loves

My only Safuwan
I would say, he's one of the ultimate reason I was crowned with such award
He's younger than me but he is way much wiser than me
I learned a lot from him
And still learning from him
I hope we can continue being like we do now
So many people in my circle change, but I hope it's not you
Please be others
I can't afford to lose my rock

And also for others unmentioned
My classmates, my housemates, my Penang batchmates, my bestfriends,my family and relatives, my colleagues at Sheraton
You guys have filled up my life with such joy that I can't thank each one of you enough

Because of the award, I was crowned to be the best of my programme and also my faculty
It was so overwhelming to get so many awards
Also, the highlight for last year was about my accident
My very first and the worst so far
Still, I wish I won't be involved in any major accident
God forbid
Got deep open wounds
Took at least one week to heal
But the pain is still thereAll my limbs now have involved with accident
However, I'm grateful for that because at least now I know how it feels like to be involved in an accident, what to do, what to feel, how to react
Thank God it wasn't that serious
But it freaked my loved ones
I'm really sorry to put you guys in the situation
Things happened
Glad to have people care for me

And, another misfortune was the missing phone
It was the day after the convocation
The night before it was dropped somewhere, I was totally into it
Played it like there's no tomorrow
When I was about to arrive home, after that 45-minute ride, I just realized the phone wasn't in my pocket
Returned to the hotel to check
There was no phone to be found
Too tired to carefully looking around for the phone on my way back
Before I went to sleep, I tried to call
There's dialing tone
I slept soundly that I forgot about it
Woke up quite late
Tried calling, there's no tone anymore
Went straight to the voice mailI had no idea what to really feel about it
Totally numb
Dah nk hilang
Bukan rezeki la tu kot

So far, that's the highlight I would like to share

If there's anymore highlight which I think worth to share, I'll keep you guys updated later

Let's rock 2014!

Homai, it took me hours to compose this simple post. So frustrating. I hate the current tech I have. Very inefficient. Idk if it was me or the devices. Urgh!!!


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