Saturday, January 18, 2014

So, How Do You Define You

Everyday I found it so hard to leave the bed
Even to get out from the blanket
I just wanna hide under the blanket
It makes me feel so safe
My only hiding place
Where I won't be harm by anything
Feel totally safe and sound
My room, my sanctuary

To tell you guys about my room, it is totally my heaven
Because it is so dark, not too warm even there's no AC
Also, no coverage!!!
I can be with myself at all times when I'm in it

It is the place where I can feel like nobody's gonna harm me
Physically, or even emotionally
Mentally, maybe

Having a very understanding parents, also helps me to grow
The best outta me
Even not at my bestest to other's eyes
But that should come in your way
However, for me, I have that difficulties
I dreads every single thing what people might think of me
I feel very insecure
When I am outside of my comfort zone, my room

I have to be someone else
Someone who is not me
Very insensitive, even I'm totally sensitive and emotional, too emotional maybe
No one even care
So, I have to live being less sensitive than I am
A good point but very odd to me

Every single day is a dread
Never came across my mind that my day will be very wonderful like I wanted it to be
However, I have to go on
I put my feet in front of the other
Keep on walking, even ever so slowly

And then...

I just stumbled upon this video
Very inspiring
I bet it's very inspirational!!!

Try to listen to it without watching the video
Maybe almost at the end of it, open your eyes
You will never believe yourself
Even you slapped your face
Even you ask someone near you to slap you across the face hard enough
You will never believe the kind of super bubbly personality come from this girl, who was called 'the ugliest girl on Earth'

Have a look
A video worth sharing

What do you feel?
Try to put yourself in her shoes

I thought I am having the roughest patches of life
No, I am not
She is the one who is living a living hell
The world threatens her to shoot herself
How was that sounds if it would be you to learn that people don't want you
Even you never do anything to hurt them, not even physically

Think of it

Maybe you would like to see how Lizzie really live her life full with positivity
Try to visit her channel on YouTube:
I watched some
I think I will watch more
Her personality is very interesting!

I just wanna live the moment of my life
This song just suit nicely

Just live your days so happily!!!


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