Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Almost The End!

From the title, I'm just pointing out about the year of twenty-thirteen.
It has almost come to an end.
Today is 24th and there is another seven days to go for the 2014
As the social networks have highlighted that there's no longer unique dates like 11-12-13 and whatnots, still, I believe there's gonna be more memories coming
I think, I'm gonna do my ABC notes for 2013 like I did last year
Oh, I should notify my bestfriend also about this
It takes two to tango!

Besides the ABC countdown, I think I will add on the highlights of the year
I think it's gonna be very good for me to trace back what I've done so far
Might as well help me with my self-reflection for my self-development
Kinda loosing the tempo now
Everything is going down and slow
I haven't finish my readings
I haven't widen my perspective reading materials
I haven't tried to play twinkle-twinkle little star
I haven't made any draft for any of my stories
I haven't think of how to decorate the next event I agree to help out
I need a come back!

I don't know if I do have any loyal readers out there, who prefers to be anonymous and does not urge me for more posts (feeling sangat)
If there's any, thank you so much for the loyalty, greatly appreciated
Still, I'm sorry for not posting anything
I'll get on quick snippets since I cannot write down all

I just, sort of, broken my promise that I'd post one post at least for a month
Now I'm thinking of writing a short stories
Rather than me being the subject, I'm gonna make fictions
It may or may not be related to my life
If you can see the similarities, it's just coincidental
However, I have no idea whether I'm going to be on this plan or not
Still, I'll do my best

On the footnotes, I'll still be updating my life so far
This is my diary :D

So, that's all for now


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