Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, Malam Aspirasi Graduan

Yesterday, it was one of the nights to be remembered
Malam Aspirasi Graduan is the new name for Malam Pra Graduan that is held to celebrate the final semester students before graduating
The theme was Retro Rendezvous
I was wearing a simple white shirt with black suit on
I was a part of A Little Too Mixed Up
We performed Don't Let Go (Love) and Wings
I was inspired from Little Mix, the first girl band to win the X Factor UK in 2011
There were so many flaws but it was beyond what I imagined since we had a very limited time to practice
I am very proud of my singers, dancers and background voice person
They really made my vision come true
Thank u so much

As usual, I'd be the one who was loud
I do that because I wanna enjoy myself
Trying to instil 'work hard, play hard' attitude
However, I cannot avoid being starstruck when Nadia AF was ther and I was like, oh mai

A Little Too Mixed Up didn't win the prize to be the best performance
Still, I had a very good time myself
I enjoyed myself performing
Can't wait to see our video
I know I'll be surprised with so many mistakes and faults
Like I care?

I was nominated for Faculty Idol
I was totally flabbergasted
I never saw that one coming
I was nervous instantly
I was preoccupied with all the thoughts that I might be winning, but
I wasn't
Other nominees were great themselves
I didn't win the title
I'm proud of the person who has never fail to impress me
She deserves the title
I shall say, she is the only person who deserves, really, to win - of all other awards that crowned certain people who wasn't eligible, from my opinion

Then, we had been taking pictures like crazy people
Even, we gathered at the green field after the dinner to take more pictures even we were totally exhausted


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