Monday, April 29, 2013

So, We are at the Same Wavelength

I hate it when I use a pair of earphones to be affixed at my ears because it limits my mobility
To get the pencils, to get the books and notes, to get something to nibble on, and the list goes on and on and on
Now, I just got myself my own bed that I don't have to climb up the ladder to sleep it
It's awkward when there's a bed at the living room
But who cares? I don't
Tonight will be the first night to sleep on it and I don't know what to expect
I'm gonna let my expectation slides
I don't wanna expect anything


I'm happy to discover the people at the same wavelength
It's actually, simply means in Malay, "sekepala" or "sebulu"

I just found a few
The first one is the one that is very close to me
I don't know if he was acting out whenever I complain, tell stories, and go out
The attention given is totally on you
Now it's not more of that at the same wavelength thingy but more on acceptance
It is very flattering to find out that you are annoying, at least to some people, regardless the most people who don't like to be around you
I showed my sketches and I got approved, even constructive comments and being listened up to my defense
The feeling is awesome
Maybe I get rid the idea that we have the same schooling background
That's make us "sekepala"

Oh, this one is way too scary

Then, I just found another one
Also one of the people that is close, not as close as the first one
We went out that I accompanied to the barber shop, then to the cybercafe and then to the kedai makan for dinner
I just wanted to pass the chocolate that had been ordered when I was at Langkawi earlier this month
Ordered, not get it for free ;)
Then, during the chat at that kedai makan, both of us really into the conversation
Just about to kickoff since we barely know each other
I had fun!
Nobody ever talk to me like that for ages
Please note that it wasn't a date
It's a friend chat and it was so inspiring
I thought I was the only one to feel that way
So, we planned to have our weekly weekend lepaking
But I disagreed
I hate it when something that has been planned and canceled
I totally don't like that
I hate the quote, "Plan changes"
Same goes to, "Rules are made to be broken"
People do those
I don't have much a choice but to back off, and suck it up
Yes, life's a bitch sometimes
But that doesn't mean I will not continue mingling with the others
The next meeting will be on a fortnightly basis
I like that we are "sebulu" now

Nak bincang pasal rambut pulak dah ke?
Gunakan Sunsilk!

I am happy

Let the happiness grows
Choose to be happy to keep it growing :)


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