Friday, April 26, 2013

So, Sophie Grace and Rosie

It has been years of their fame and notorious but I just found these girls
Sophie Grace is an awesome singer
Rosie is just the quiet girl during performances but actually she's a witty girl
Sophie Grace is the showstopper during the performance and Rosie is the talkative host during their tea time
They have been invited by Ellen on her show
Let's have a peak on them
They are adorable

After watching this, I become more fonder of Nicki Minaj
She's totally a good person
Even she became one of the people that your mom would not allowed to meet once she hear Nicki's songs
But I believe that she has a golden heart

There are more shows you can look on the YouTube
Just search "Sophie Grace and Rosie"
There's gonna be a whole lotta more


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