Thursday, April 25, 2013

So, It's Going to Be Another Great Year for Kelly Clarkson

Another birthday shoutout to my other favourite girl
Happy birthday Kelly Clarkson!!!
I heart you always

I instinctively change my profile picture to your latest single cover today
It is wonderful some kinda magic happen
Actually I have no idea today's her birthday but I just had the feeling to update my profile picture
And voila! It's because of her birthday

Happy birthday!!!
May you become more successful in the future
You are really leaving a dent on the music industry and please keep it up
I want to hear more from you
More awards
More good music, regardless they will get you awards or not
I'm gonna love you always, forever and always
May you rock the tour
May you'll be a good wife
May he'll be the good husband of yours
May you bears good children
I bet they are going to be as beautiful as, as strong as their mother
As inspirational as their mother is

Thank you Pak Cik Google for the pictures
I heart you, too, Pak Cik Google


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