Saturday, April 20, 2013

So, It's a Distraction for the Disaster

It has been very hectic this semester
I thought, with the least subjects compared to the previous semesters is going to be heavenly
I could imagine I'm singing Walking On Heaven with the moves and grooves following the beats
(It's Haley Reinhart's song. Go check it out. A very fun and easy-listening song. You'll like it)

But hell to the NO!!!
The workloads are way more greater than the previous ones
Lemme restructure
It's not the workloads, but the novelty of the subjects and tasks takes a toll on my time to spend on each of the subjects
It seems like everything is unknown to me
Then, I need more time to digest
I'm not saying that I'm totally changing my studying patterns
I'm totally cannot let go my long hours of sleeping

So, when I am dealing with the work pressure, I tell you, it is so intense
Therefore I choose to loosen up
I need a distraction to avoid disasters
I don't want to yell at people, go hide and cry due to the stress that I'm gonna have in this next few weeks
But I need to take it as my lessons
However, it doesn't mean that we need to be too focus on what we have to do, we need to balance it out with other elements like emotions
Emotions play an important role in our self-development
It helps us to see things, especially when we're down the hill, rolling endlessly without having anyone to pick us up
Then, it's up for us to handle the situations
And then, you'll realise that what doesn't, literally and technically, kill you will definitely make you stronger
Provided you wanna let go and take the lessons along
If you chose to be bitter, then, don't blame others
It's the choice you've made
Happiness lies in our hands
Regardless of what happens, people can still be happy, if they choose to be happy

Another thing is that, someone once mentioned to me that we need to stop comparing our lives with others because there's gonna be a totally unfair comparison because what each of us are dealing is totally unique, totally different from one another
Hence, it's invalid when you're whining about what others get while you don't because we don't know what he/she has to deal with to get what they got

So, back to the distraction, I choose to draw, sketch, design, or whatever you call it to get myself away from the preoccupation of thoughts regarding the academia
It helps to alleviate those unnecessary pressure
About the assignments, the people, or whatever sources

I wanna share with you the sketches that I have so far :)


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  1. wah, suka yang kembang eh? nanti aku tunjuk lagi design kalau ada. hehe.