Saturday, April 27, 2013

So, I Want My Own Bed

It has been a quiet week for me
I've been rummaging through the academic papers and journals that I can never understand
Tried my very best for this week
I hope I can do a whole lotta more

Everyone has gone somewhere else
But I chose to stay here
I feel like I was at my hideout, only if I was alone at this house
It would feel like it my hidden cabin where nobody around to care, to attend
But unfortunately, this time I have to share it with my housemate
Ever annoying one, just like my brother
Maybe we have the same traits
We are Johorean
I shall say, there's something annoying about Johorean, including myself
I try to minimize the effect of annoying Johorean in me but pardon me if it did come out
It is because, it is in my gene
So, it is inevitable

I was so comfortable to be in my own nest, my room
I turned my shared room to be mine
Even it is obvious that my stuffs been a lot in the room
Sorry roomate
It has been my nature to have many stuffs

Being this comfortable makes me wanting to have my own room
But that may be too much to ask
So, I want my own bed
That's the least I would ask after the very comfortable week

Can I have my own bed, please?
At least like this one....

Or this?

Or this?

Or in my dreams?



  1. you can have ur own bed. or in ur dream then. hehe

  2. That is not helping. But thanks anyway to drop by. Feel free to read other posts :)

    But I still want my bed but I feel like I won't be having it. So sad :(((