Thursday, April 11, 2013

So, I Have Been Occupied

Everything was so fast
It is already April
I have no post for March
It is not good for me

The final semester is not treating me right
There are abundance of tasks to be done but very little motivation to keep up

I need to learn to suck it up
Move slowly with baby steps rather than not moving at all

I'm sorry for not updating
I have no idea I have very dear and faithful readers
So let's get started

Let's go on the entertainment stuffs first
The mess I have been in should not be shown now
Maybe later

Just now, I watched Maskara
This is the poster

The drama that I have been waiting
It is directed by Nizam Zakaria and he has been busy promoting this on his Instagram, the photo sharing social network
I am so into the promotional ad picture
Very nice, red, and vibrant

I like the cinematography
I like monologue scenes
But I have no idea what it is all about

Nasha as Liza, Adrea as Su, Lisa as Lyn, and Anzalna as Hani
If I were to combine all the names, it became Liza Su Lyn Hani that resemble the name of the main actress, Lisa Surihani

So now, I'll be looking forward every Thursday nights at 10pm on TV1



  1. got something to talk about...heee :)

  2. Sorry buat pembaca setia yang saya sayang sangat ni tertunggu-tunggu.