Monday, February 25, 2013

So, Trance-like

If only you'd knew that it has always been my first time, the things that we'd done together
U have no idea of how I love u for showing me all those wonderful things
Even though it is only to make a sugar syrup to sweetened the drink I prepared for Tok Mak today
It was starfruit juice
I almost teared up
It reminded me of u
I miss u

Nobody had taught me to do so but u taught me
And there's so many things that u taught me and I can never thank u enough
I know we are not talking to each other now
I feel sorry sometimes
I wish u have believed me the way I wanted to believe in u
U didn't let me in
Am I the one who push u away?
Am I the one who keep secrets?
I thought we have no secrets to one another
It seems like u're shutting me up
It seems like u judge
Or am I the one who did those?
I want to be there for each other
But I don't know whether we are capable of it
I hope we are
I can only hope
I'll do my best on my side
I can only hope u're thinking of doing the same
I'm sorry for being a douchebag
I'm not that fun because I wanna have those talk that makes each of us feel so good about one another
I thought being less aggressive will make it better but it seems to make it worse than ever
I wish u all the best in the future
More for us than two different people


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