Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So, Movie Marathon VI

So, this is the final part for the movie marathon Round 1 this year
I'm looking forward to it
Sempatlah ea menghapdet time kije
Since boss tengah busy, dia takleh nak delegate kije
Dia pun tengah pening
Apa yang dijanjikan ialah stay back
Getting my mental to be ready for that
He's fun

I was so busy packing up for my internship and the surprise makan-makan for Ibu's birthday
I was not comfortable to use the word 'party' since there were only us in the house
No any other extra attendees
I will be updating the details of the event later on the next post

I managed to watch this one

Nights in Rodanthe

It is a romantic movies
An achiever
I love it
But I wasn't really paying attention
I love the way they corresponded to each other
How reconciliation had been made easy by lowering down the ego
Love the movie much
I haven't read the novel
I think, it's gonna be more awesome!
And I was thinking about a rerun ;)

The closing act was

Dinner for Schmucks

It supposed to be very funny to me but I was too tired to get all the jokes
But during the dinner where 'The Most Extraordinary Guy' would be nominated is fun as fuck!
I was rolling on the couch laughing
It was fun
This is another movie that I don't mind for rerun

That's a warp for Movie Marathon: Round 1
I love so much the marathon
So relaxing


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