Monday, February 25, 2013

So, The Final Week of Feb 2013

I haven't been posting for quite a long time
It might be because of tiredness
I should be considering multivite
To provide me more energy
Because too many rest, cost me the golden time
It also might be because of no subject to talk about
Do u want me to talk about work?
I mean, intern
I bet it wasn't as interesting as real work
I'm still in Finance Dept
Initially I planned for HR but I have no idea why I couldn't secure any place
According to HR people, they said we informed them a little bit late that they had less time to allocate us

(Currently being surrounded by the immigrants, I mean, I was sitting at the base of the pillar at this KTM station, then, there's a horde of immigrants came down looking for seat and they 'parked' their bags around me, sitting around me. Scary lah jugak. Oh mai, kesiannya orang Pantai Timur ni. Sedap aku je kata dorang immigrant. Sorry chuolls! Haha. Tapi kalau bebangla ni, memangla orang ingat aku pun bangla sekali. Hahahaha.)

So, time flew quite fast
I had been doing so great I guess
It just dawned on me that I've to find the way to make the best of the time I have
I had quite a great time during the weekends, reading novels, visiting friends and family
As well as the in between the working days
I managed to get to meet and spend some time with my friends
It's quite new to me to escape for social thingy when I was in the middle of focusing on sth, for instance, intern, school, class, lectures, courses or seminars

I'm gonna reminisce
If there's anything worth to tell, I'd love to share


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