Monday, February 25, 2013

So, The Final Week of Feb 2013

I haven't been posting for quite a long time
It might be because of tiredness
I should be considering multivite
To provide me more energy
Because too many rest, cost me the golden time
It also might be because of no subject to talk about
Do u want me to talk about work?
I mean, intern
I bet it wasn't as interesting as real work
I'm still in Finance Dept
Initially I planned for HR but I have no idea why I couldn't secure any place
According to HR people, they said we informed them a little bit late that they had less time to allocate us

(Currently being surrounded by the immigrants, I mean, I was sitting at the base of the pillar at this KTM station, then, there's a horde of immigrants came down looking for seat and they 'parked' their bags around me, sitting around me. Scary lah jugak. Oh mai, kesiannya orang Pantai Timur ni. Sedap aku je kata dorang immigrant. Sorry chuolls! Haha. Tapi kalau bebangla ni, memangla orang ingat aku pun bangla sekali. Hahahaha.)

So, time flew quite fast
I had been doing so great I guess
It just dawned on me that I've to find the way to make the best of the time I have
I had quite a great time during the weekends, reading novels, visiting friends and family
As well as the in between the working days
I managed to get to meet and spend some time with my friends
It's quite new to me to escape for social thingy when I was in the middle of focusing on sth, for instance, intern, school, class, lectures, courses or seminars

I'm gonna reminisce
If there's anything worth to tell, I'd love to share


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So, I Dreamt of You

When I was dozing off this morning
For about 30 minutes sleep after awakened to my nephew and niece preparing themselves to school, I dreamt of u
And a few of us, too
I dreamt of us

I almost teared out
The feeling was so intense, overwhelming I'd say
I don't know
Is it just me or something else
Or it might be u
But it will never be u

It had been not enough time for the tears to well up
I was kinda late to work
I was baffled when I woke up

This is weird
So, weird


p/s: I think I am really missing u
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So, Holiday is Almost Over

Counting the days to fight for the final semester
It is a week away
Gonna start to get things prepared
It's the final battle
All the best to everyone


p/s: to my dearie, give your best shot for your finals. I know u can nail of the paper u're about to sit. The best of luck!

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So, Trance-like

If only you'd knew that it has always been my first time, the things that we'd done together
U have no idea of how I love u for showing me all those wonderful things
Even though it is only to make a sugar syrup to sweetened the drink I prepared for Tok Mak today
It was starfruit juice
I almost teared up
It reminded me of u
I miss u

Nobody had taught me to do so but u taught me
And there's so many things that u taught me and I can never thank u enough
I know we are not talking to each other now
I feel sorry sometimes
I wish u have believed me the way I wanted to believe in u
U didn't let me in
Am I the one who push u away?
Am I the one who keep secrets?
I thought we have no secrets to one another
It seems like u're shutting me up
It seems like u judge
Or am I the one who did those?
I want to be there for each other
But I don't know whether we are capable of it
I hope we are
I can only hope
I'll do my best on my side
I can only hope u're thinking of doing the same
I'm sorry for being a douchebag
I'm not that fun because I wanna have those talk that makes each of us feel so good about one another
I thought being less aggressive will make it better but it seems to make it worse than ever
I wish u all the best in the future
More for us than two different people


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

So, It's A Family Visits

I'm really sorry for not being able to update the blog
I know my blog isn't that famous but there are people reading it
Regardless of what people have in mind about this blog, I insist to post

So, yesterday I went back to my hometown
The place where I grew up
The place that I kept my secrets
The place that taught me a lot of things
The place that reminded me of a lot of emotions
It's too many to get all the descriptions out

Supposedly, I went for a spring cleaning
But coincidentally, there was a feast made for my uncle to be a husband to his future wife
He's gonna married a Perakian, the second Perakian out of his 20+ siblings, after my stepfather
I wasn't that delighted because this feast was for the families of my other grandma of my mother's side
My real grandma is the older wife
They call her by the name, Mak We, coming from the word 'emak' and 'tua', meaning the older mother/wife
I was so happy to see my Nenek
She is still healthy
She is happy
Looking at her just gives me the will to live
I tear up a little now, knowing that I don't live with her anymore
But remembering her makes my heart soars

So, we got back to my Nenek's house after the feast at the other house
Before we got back, my sister and I got to play with the goats that my Atok rears
My uncle said, they were shy
The goats busied themselves eating while running around in their 'house' as we were trying to touch and get near them
It was their feeding time
We talked as we reached home
When we arrived, Pak Ngah and Poksu followed suit
We talked
I didn't like much when they were also there because their talking was heavier
Talking about my choices of working, cars, all those that required thinking
I hated that
I just wanna sit and chat with Nenek about people, updates, not all those craps
Nenek is a simple lady
I love her because she is not pushy, critical, judgmental
Even she looks like she didn't give a shit, she does actually
She remembered the moments when I was at primary school, when I was too busy going here and there for competitions and the likes that I barely remember myself doing those
I love Nenek a lot

Dear God, please keep her healthy
I need her now
Please don't take any of my relatives in near future
Just like u took one of us on early Feb
I'm still in disbelief

After that, we went to visit my auntie who just lost her son 2 weeks ago
He succumbed to death right after the accident
We all blamed that yenna primary school teacher who happened to broke her only arms, not losing her life after the sudden changing of lane that made their cars bumped into each other front to front

When we arrived, we thought the house was empty
I just crashed in and they were inside, my Mak Long and others
I didn't bring up about the deceased in the first place
Not the moment when the sofa was still cool
We were busy playing with the deceased's daughter and her cousin
They are adorable but they are just children
They threw many tantrums, much to our amusement and disgust at the same time
When the darkness fell, I tried to get some first-hand information from my Mak Long
She took out newspaper articles that I didn't believe myself reading it
I could see the despair in her eyes
Thank God she wasn't wailing or even shed one single tear
It was about 10 at night, and we excused ourselves
I hope their family will keep holding on for both goodness sake

Everything happened so fast
I hope there's a blessing in disguise that I pray for patience to face the music


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So, Movie Marathon VI

So, this is the final part for the movie marathon Round 1 this year
I'm looking forward to it
Sempatlah ea menghapdet time kije
Since boss tengah busy, dia takleh nak delegate kije
Dia pun tengah pening
Apa yang dijanjikan ialah stay back
Getting my mental to be ready for that
He's fun

I was so busy packing up for my internship and the surprise makan-makan for Ibu's birthday
I was not comfortable to use the word 'party' since there were only us in the house
No any other extra attendees
I will be updating the details of the event later on the next post

I managed to watch this one

Nights in Rodanthe

It is a romantic movies
An achiever
I love it
But I wasn't really paying attention
I love the way they corresponded to each other
How reconciliation had been made easy by lowering down the ego
Love the movie much
I haven't read the novel
I think, it's gonna be more awesome!
And I was thinking about a rerun ;)

The closing act was

Dinner for Schmucks

It supposed to be very funny to me but I was too tired to get all the jokes
But during the dinner where 'The Most Extraordinary Guy' would be nominated is fun as fuck!
I was rolling on the couch laughing
It was fun
This is another movie that I don't mind for rerun

That's a warp for Movie Marathon: Round 1
I love so much the marathon
So relaxing