Saturday, January 19, 2013

So, My First Karaoke for 2013

I look so slutty in those pictures
Oh mai
Courtesy from Ezany
Thanks uoll!

We didn't plan to karok, initially
It just happened that one of the girls asked them to go
At first, I was not thinking of going since they didn't ask me personally
But things happened
I went!

Ad hoc plan always been the best experience ever
I sang 4 songs
For me, Hamzi has the best voice
Yana has a good high register
Both of them have a high range vocal
Just moderate
More or less the same with the others
Oh, speaking about singing just make my stomach flutters
Like there's butterflies in it

I just love to sing
But I can't really sing just like the both of them
I feel like to call off the idea to hone that skill
Since I have very limited time but I have many goals to meet
I need prayers from you guys so that I can get things done, the way I wanted, the way I believe it should be
But it is hard for me to leave out singing
Le sigh

I didn't think that everybody have the good time
Only some of them tried to be funny like Bong and Hamzi and Ikmal
Piqa was quiet
Cepa, as usual, has very little interest in singing
Ezany was trying to get naughty with all the moves, with wall
Maybe I was trying too hard to put some pressure on my singing
I don't know
It was because I was really doing the hardest when I sang
I didn't really make fun out of it
I felt so bad for them as if they had to live up to the expectation that I have put up
Or maybe they took singing seriously as I did
That's why the atmosphere was so tense that they remained quiet and silent and sang their hearts out when they got on their turn
Anything is possible

Yana sugested that we should finish up with Koleksi Gemilang
And we did!
The epic ending, I presumed

As it ended, we headed home with light headed and sore throat
I can say that I'm a little relieve
The stress level decrease a little I guess
Thank u guys for the Friday night outing
Impromptu seronok!

Gonna remember this!


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