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So, Movie Marathon II

For the second day of my marathon, I watched


The second movie was


The third movie was


And finally, wrapping up the marathon was


Well, basically, all of the movies for the second part of the marathon are awesome
Let's start off with Silent Hill
I didn't really catch the real concept of their worshiping but I like the effect
Especially to the undead faceless nurses
They look so sexy with all the poses they do
The brethren are not awesome
I thought they are like other humans at the Silent Hill
The brethren are the people who is perceived to be the army at Silent Hill
The one like police
It is when Heather or her real name is Sharon, the good part of Alessa was born so that Alessa can only feel the bad emotions
Sharon is adopted by Rose and her husband
Rose sends Sharon to his husband after her search for Sharon in Silent Hill
She still trapped in because she insist to distract the group of orders
People are sent to find Heather that include private investigator paid by the Orders
Heather insists to go to Silent Hill to find her father after she found him was not homed
She needs to come to Silent Hill with her own will, not being forced
When she meets Alessa, Heather absorbs Alessa to become one
That is how the Alessa's power of darkness can be stopped
That is not it
The current leader, I don't remember her name, she wants to create new God
But the amulet that Heather has with her turns her into hideous creature
For me, the monster looks awesome!
The monster is about to kill Heather but Heather's guardian, Triangle Head comes to her rescue
They fight and the lady monster gets killed
Heather frees her father and her father insists to stay at Silent Hill to find Rose
Heather heads back to the real world with his new boyfie

Well, Hotel Transylvania is the continuation of depicting the love of a father to a daughter
The Count Dracula hates the human eversince his love of her life dies after their castle was torn down by fire
He insists to keep it that way by telling all the tale tell stories about how bad human can be
On his daughter's 118th birthday, he holds a big party in his monsters-only-being-allowed-to-get-in hotel
He specially designed it to keep her daughter, Mavis from being exposed to human
According to the other monsters, the Drac is total control freak
Then, there is Johnny, who is lost in the jungle
The architect of the hotel has designed the hotel in the middle of area that is surrounded by scary place so that human cannot come near the hotel
But this crazy little boy manages to get in, much to Drac's surprise
He tries his best to keep Johnny from being detected as human
Johnny is a fun guy that most of the monsters please with his company
Even the Drac himself
Mavis falls in love with Johnny
It is her zing
When they zinged, she is not allowed to spend her time with Johnny
But Drac sends Johnny away
However, Drac second guesses his own decision when Mavis shows him the book that her dead mother intends to gave to her on her 118th birthday
'We only zinged once in our lives'
That makes Drac chase after Johnny with the help of one of the werewolves puppies
Drac put himself in danger to get Johnny back
And he did it!

Upside Down is a sci-fi
It makes me think and baffles me
I don't understand when a matter from the Up Top World cannot be pulled by the gravity of the Down Below World
It is like there are certain unique imprint on the each of the matters on each world that only can make them being pulled by the respective world's gravity
For example, 
Down Below is a poor world while Up Top is an advanced world
Each of the things that each world has cannot be assesses by the one from another world
The ones who uses\ something that is not belong the his/her own world, they can be penalized
There are Trans World, a company that its building technically connects both of the world
That is where Adam works
He was separated from his Aunt Beckie when he was found guilty to touch Eden, Up Top girl in the woods
They have known each other for quite long, ever since they were a kid
When they was about to get caught, Adam was sending her back by carefully releasing the rope that was tight up on Eden's waist against the Top World gravity
Suddenly, one of his arms was shot and he slipped the rope that Eden fell and hit her head from that height from the pulling force of the gravity
She lost her memory from that moment
She was told that she had an accident
She barely able to recall what happened before
Adam is a scientist who is working on an anti aging cream
The cream technically uplifts the droops of the face
The loosened face tissues
When his friend able to get the TV transmission from the Up Top world, there is Eden on the TV
It had been 10 years they were separated
Adam insists on working his way to be in Up Top world to meet Eden
He manages to get a job at Trans World, where he works he way up to the top
Yes, he managed to do so
But, Eden cannot remember him
I am more baffled why the metals that he uses to get him being pulled by the gravity burns
Is that because of the reaction of the metal on the materials from the different world?
I think the metals are from the Up Top world and why is it burning in its own environment?
Or maybe the metal is a highly reactive metals that it burns actively in an open air?
When Adam presents his cream, Eden is there
She inquires Adam by prompting the name that Adam uses from one of his senior colleagues from Up Top
He mentions his name and Eden feels betrayed that she leaves the presentation
She curls up for quite a long time and something strikes her
She remembers Adam
They meet at the place where they met before
They makes love, floating
Eden is caught and about to be sentenced but the authority holds the sentence order by threatening Adam to give them the missing powder that he does not includes in the uplifting cream
Bob patented the powder
Bob, his Up Top friend, come by at Down Below without metals strap around his body
Even, Eden can stay at Down Below
She is having a twins
It is a happy ending story
I don't like it that much because I was expecting a tearing love story from the look of the poster
Trying to reach out for each other but to no success
It is more scientific - the cream, the gravity thingy
But the concept is interesting

The final movie is the final sequel of the Twilight Saga
I watched all of them!
It is rare for me to finish up the whole sequel of a movie
This is the first sequel that I finished up
It is about Renesmee, Edward and Bella's daughter, who is half human, half vampire, being perceived to be a danger to the vampire community
Renesmee is born when Bella is still human
Now, Bella is one of the red-eyed vampires
Dah macam red eye dalam gambar pulak kan?
I love Alice
She looks so vogue, poise in her own way
I love the love that they have for each other
The family atmosphere so lovingly
They protect one another
When one vampire saw Renesmee catching snowflakes, she informs the higher level vampire that I don't know who
He have the ability to read mind and see the future
Therefore, nobody can tell lie when he holds them hands
When the Cullen's family know about it from Alice's vision, they started to spread around the world to find witnesses
To convince the higher level vampires that Renesmee is no harm
I just realize that some of the vampires are not only a bloodsucking creature
But they able to do something else
Like Bella, she has the power of shield
She can protect others by give out her shield to the ones she wanted
One of them can control the element like water and sand
One of them can manipulate the mind of a people
One of them can generate electricity
One of them see visions, like Alice
That is so awesome
I wish I can be vampire
Alice has been gone
Much to the family's surprise
Actually she has another plan
The family members spread around the world to find witnesses
Some of the witnesses join them just because to fight that vampire higher community
When the meet, Renesmee touches the vampire, IDK the name of him, to tell him about her
That is how she communicates when she doesn't want to talk
But what she 'said' from the touch are no lies
Then, there come Alice
Actually, she has given Bella the signal to prepare Renesmee's escape if things not don't go the way they wanted
Bella follows Alice's instruction
Alice coming with a Red Indian guy who claims to be half human and half vampire
He is raised by his aunty that he turned to be a vampire
His mother died upon the labour
Still holding Alice's hand, the vampire can see they fight
And in the fight, he died
I was all jumpy to watch them fight
But it is only imaginary
They don't fight each other 
They only prosecute the informant
A good movie to watch

End of Movie Marathon part II


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