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So, Movie Marathon I

The first movie for the first part of my movie marathon is


The second movie is


The third movie is


The transition from Malay movies to English movie had some impact on me since I need to readjust my perception on the setting and stuffs

Minyak Dagu is a good movie
It is about the overprotected fiancee who struggles so much to make the marriage possible
He works so hard to get the marriage to happen
Still he isn't aware about his fiancee who is tormented from the treatment she's receiving from his husband-to-be
Come the old boyfriend in the setting as a successful doctor, much to the girl's parents blessings to make them an item, despite the engagement
The fiancee feels so threatened that he chooses the dark path to get what his wants
Minyak dagu is an extraction of oil through the black magic procedures where the chin of the female accident victim is heated to get the oil
That's why they called it minyak dagu, literally mean 'chin oil'
The shaman has the agreement with the spirit of the victim to be used as their slave
Therefore, when someone comes to get the oil, they will be granted the spirit from the shaman
According to the movie, there are terms and conditions that the so called 'owner' of the soul to follow
First, they should not bring the oil into their house
Second, the user itself should never cross any river or sea
Lastly, they should not visit the deceased
Somehow, Azman, the fiancee breaks the rules
He is the one who use the black magic but not Johan, the husband of Emelda, the victim of the magic
They get married when Emelda calls off their engagement
Johan is accused by Emelda's mother since the weird occurrences happen after they get married
And her mother dies from the conflicts out of cardiac arrest
I was having the same thought like the mother because it looks more apparent as if Johan was the one who put Emelda under his spell
Emelda often possessed and acts all crazy to find Azman
As Azman has not abiding the rules set, the spirit now are to claim the blood
The shaman said he can re-deal with the spirit to putting Azman and the people he loves harmless by taking the oil back to the shaman
But the oil is not at the place where he had it buried
Johan takes it after he follows Azman to the shaman's house right after he sudden leaving at Emelda's house
From that moment, Emelda starts to get back to reality
Azman takes his own life by pouring the oil all over him at the cemetery
Azman's mother is dumbfounded that she asks for forgiveness from God on his son's behalf
Azman is dead after he is shot by the thunder
Emelda is under a great shock since she is not herself, not after her mother's death
It is a tragic story

Let's move on to the next movie
A very heartfelt story
It is based from the real story
It takes place in Thailand, one of the spots affected by tsunami in 2004, the Indian Ocean Tsunami
It is a very heartbreaking in the earlier part
After the island is struck by the waves, 2 out of 5 family members are separated
They struggled to stay afloat
Maria is hit by a lot of things when she is under the water
She manages to get in touch with her first son, Lucas
Lucas has been acting heroic to get his mother to safety
Lucas loses her mother while he is helping other people to get in touch with their respective family members
The language barriers appear to be very clear
There are Thai, Swedish, French, and other languages
He is helpless that I thought he losses his mother forever
It just happens that there is some problem for the record
Maria is still alive
Just that she is very ill since there are a lot of wounds that she is infected a great deal
The father, Henry is looking for his wife and son
His other two are already found
He is persistent to find his wife
I can see the love their have for each other in his eyes, so intense
They are a lovely couple, I shall say
Maria is a very helpful and selfless lady
She should be an example to not only the ladies-to-be but also to the men-to-be
It is because the values that she has is very noble
Henry goes from places of shelters and hospitals to find them
Even, he insists to be separated from his two sons so that they can stay at a safe place and he keeps on searching
It is a happy ending
Henry manages to find Lucas when he sees the ball he gave to Simon as Christmas present as a sign for him to keep on looking for Lucas the hospital, even he is about to leave
Lucas screams to the hearing of Thomas and Simon who happen to be around the area as well
The four of them reunited
I get all touchy and goosebumps
Then, they go to see Maria
Actually, Henry is about to find Maria when he is at the hospital
Maria senses his presence when he is behind the curtain
But she is too weak to react
The story is a compellingly warming story

Finally, Les Miserables
The movie that I found the hardest to finish
First, it is 158 minutes long
Secondly, they barely converse that they sing along the movie
Everybody is singing
Maybe I am not familiar with that kind of style
The story line a good somehow
Much to my surprise, it won so many awards
That includes Golden Globe Awards for the Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical
It is about the condemned, the poor, the miserable ones
The main actor who is taken to be the slave is freed to be paroled but he breaks the parole
He is living on the run
He tries to safe a lady who doing her best to find the money to get her daughter the best life
But she is too poor that she has to give away anything that she has for money since she loses her job at a factory
When she was dying, Jean Valjean promises her to find her daughter and keep her safe
I lost a lot of focus along the way since it is taking ages to finish
So, I paid less mind to afterwards
When Cosette grew to be a teenager, she finds herself the love of her life, Marius
There are some kind of revolution, something about French history that is not in my knowledge
Marius is one of the people who involved in the revolution
Javert, the prison guard is still in pursue to catch Valjean
Valjean is insecure about his presence to the safety of Cosette who he has regarded to be his own
He tells Marius about it and he insists to leave
Valjean dies
Cosette and Marius is married

These three movies has different perspective
One is about black magic, another is about natural disaster, and another one is about the history
I'm gonna continue my movie marathon ;)

End of Movie Marathon part I


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