Thursday, January 3, 2013

So, It's Your 23rd Birthday

It has been the fifth year I know you
It has been one of the great pleasure of mine

You are fun
You are friendly
Loads of people keen of you
Much to my delights
Even I may have the feeling that I might be losing you
Since I cannot spend much time with you, like we used to

I want to thank you for being there for me
I should be thankful
Regardless the limitation we have, we still manage to keep our friendship going

It dawns to me that distant friendship is quite challenging
We cannot spend our time window shopping anymore
We cannot spend our time having each other around, doing nothing
We cannot spend each meals in a day like we used to, even the meals that we are talking were the dinners, at "Auntie"'s shop
But, promise me we will let this friendship live happily ever after

Looking back at those times, it makes me smirk, smile, even all teared up
The bittersweet we have been through together back then was indescribable
The times we shared to laugh about nothing
The times we shared to enjoy the moment, even it was not as big as Happy Meal
The times we shared to listen much about my babble
I'm really sorry for not letting you to talk
It's not my fault since you chose to remain silent

Above of all, I feel grateful to have you in my friend's list
Thank you for everything

Cantik tak I?

I hope your birthday bring you joy that you are seeking
I can see that now
You are enjoying your life now
Please forget me not

May you prosper in your life
The best of luck in future upcoming


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