Sunday, January 13, 2013

So, It's My First Live AJL

For the 27th Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL), it was my first time being a part of the audience of such prestigious event
On the 6th of January, I started off my activity for the year at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

This was the continuity of my previous post
We went after attending our first wedding for the year 2013

We arrived at the stadium about 6 pm
We waited for another car since we were on a convoy of two cars

Along the way, were singing our hearts out to every song on the radio
Screaming on top of our lungs
We were putting the award show spirit in the car
At one of the traffic lights, it happened to be two working girls were walking
My friend intended to jerkah those girls while we were moving to pass the green light
Suddenly, the light turned red and we were uneasy
Thinking if anything could happen to us since the girls were approaching near to our car
Thinking about any bad consequences, nightmares

At that time, it was totally funny!
Hamzi couldn't help but to be very uneasy
Cepa hid his head
Bong tried to play dead
Ezany just played dumb sitting in the front
Couldn't help but to laugh hysterically

We were queued in a very long line
Waited for about an hour and a half
We thought the door would be opened at 7.30 but apparently, it was opened at about 8 pm

I was not feeling like we were waiting for a long time
Listening to all the stories from another 8 heads entertained me nicely
We cracked jokes, told tale stories, laughed out loud without the care of the people around
Another head was inside
He crept inside just to save spots for us

People there were looking so gorgeous
There were load of unfamiliar faces but they wore gorgeously
I should say, most of them have quite a taste on fashion

That was the good eyesight
Let's talk about the eyesore
The girl mostly wore quite nicley
But the boys
I mean 'boys'
Oh my!
Some of them were having wardrobe malfunction
Can u imagine when a person walked quite confidently regardless of his membusung tummy and somehow, ternampak some part of the busong?
Oh mai, oh mai

I saw some artistes
But too afraid to make any encounter
We saw Ramli MS walking in haste

There were drag queens
They were looking so gorgeous!
Note: Looking from afar
They put some leopard prints top, tight on the bottom and stringy high heels
Walking with head held high
So confident, so gorgeous

When I was still in line, I was still not feeling the hotness of being at one of the biggest Malaysian award ceremony
Not until the line was moving

At the waiting area, the were two lines
The first line was the long queue to the level 3 seating and the second line was for the person at the same level but nearer to the stage
The specialty given to the Xpax users after certain purchases or contests
I have no idea about it
But what I know, from my fella blogger, Salsalito, the carpet was purple!
I had no idea on that until I blogwalked at her blog

When we were seated, the feeling started to arise
A mixture of excitement and anxiety
Too excited to see the performance, too anxious to know the winner
I was getting fired up!

Here was the list for the song performances to win the award. These are the 12 finalists outta 18 initially:

Ombak Rindu by Hafiz and Adira
Patah Seribu by Shila Amzah
Simetri by Hazama and Amy Search
Idola by Azlan and the Typewriter
Pelangi Senja by Stacy
Lagu by Bo Amir
Tanpamu by Amir Jahari
Teman Pengganti by Black and RJ (Rapper Janggut)
Terukir Di Bintang by Aizat (representing Yuna)
Ku Akui by Hafiz
Andaiku Bercinta Lagi by Mojo
Aku Anak Kampung by Jimmy Palikat and O.N.E (One Nation Emcee)

The opening act was by Misha Omar, Ziana Zain and Faizal Tahir
I love Misha's performance
Using the concept of lighting, so nice
From afar, I couldn't really see the lighting effects on her beautiful white dress
But I had a glimpse at the scree, yes, it was gorgeous!

Ziana Zain didn't fail us
She still able to belt out that notes of her Fantalistik song
Faizal Tahir as usual amazing his audience with his extraordinary show
Love the fire!

The first round was not really my favourite
But when it came to the second round, oh mai
I was totally blown away
The momentum was continuous
Until the comm break
From Idola, to Pelangi Senja, and then Lagu which is a simple song but the lively way they performed the song, kept the momentum going

While we were having the commercial break, we were not being shown the commercial breaks but parody instead!
I was laughing out loud by the sight of the man wearing and acting, looking very alike to Zaiton Sameon's Menaruh Harapan song performance on the previous AJL

When the performances was finished
It's time for the judges to deliberate
The crews were distributing the glowing sticks
But we were unfortunate
We didn't get the stick!

It was for the rock-never-dies performance
Aligning all the famous guitarists in different boxes
And then, one by one, renown singers appeared on the side of the guitarists to sing the famous songs
The incredible performance was by Ramli Sarip
We were screaming and singing along, regardless of our tone deaf
As long as we were as loud as possible
It was awesome
It was my first time to really enjoy rock
Much to my surprise

Then, it was time to announce the winners
The Best Performance goes to Teman Pengganti
It was voted via SMS and this was the first time they do it like that
I think, most of us who were at the stadium disagree to that because it was so lame and boring
Just standing on a revolving platform, that all
But undeniably, that song is so meaningful

The Best Vocal went to Ku Akui by Hafiz
The second runner up was Ku Akui and the first runner up was Idola
The winner of Anugerah Juara Lagu the 27th, was Yuna's song, Terukir Di Bintang performed by Aizat
I love that song
I had the thought to make a cover outta it but still haven't find the time to do so

There were some rumors about the winning song
Yuna asked Uji Rashid to sing that song
Uji was sick and still willing to do it for Yuna
Without Yuna's knowledge, Aizat was representing the song
And it was upsetting to Yuna and Uji since the production did not mention anything about that to Yuna

Besides that, after the winning, the picture of 'Yuna Misai' was spreading on the social media like Twitter

Overall, the first experience to enjoy such event is a total satisfaction!
I dare to say it was my greatest experience!
From the theme of the event is colourful since the major sponsor is the paint company
Colourful is so my likings!
And to witness the transition of props from one to another songs was overwhelming
Especially when there were major changing required
Also, when there were big items to carry, when there were many flowers to arrange
Totally amazing!

We got back and had our late meals before headed home since we missed our dinner

I'm gonna remember this so much!


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