Sunday, January 20, 2013

So, It's the Last Pasar Malam for Part 5

When I was back in Penang, my besty and me had this weekly pasar malam trip
Usually we went to places by foot
That included the pasar malam trip
The worst but fun night was when the night was raining quite heavily
We had our payungs
We were secured from the rain but not the puddles on the pedestrian path and on the road
We were splashed cruelly
But we laughed like hell crazy

Oh, I miss being around my besty
I hope he miss me like I miss him
I hope he think of me the way I think of him
I have the feeling that we are no longer sharing any mutual interest in each other
But I'm being unfair by saying that
Maybe he was up for something
Problems, issues and the like that he doesn't want to share
He doesn't want me to be sad to think about him
If so, he's totally nice
But I wish he would share
Kesahla orang nak cakap apapun
Mulut memang takleh nak tutup
We know best about ourselves

So, today, my final trip to pasar malam as a part fiver was so not fun
I went alone
And I was the delivery boy

So, I bought the food
I hate to wait for food that I always buy the ones that has already prepared
Unless I have all the time to linger around at the pasar
But remember, I was the delivery boy
There were orders that I needed to send

It was NO fun

That's how I ended my final visit to pasar malam for this semester

It's quite saddening but it's life
Embrace everything while we can

I'm calling it a night
Night pipol


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