Monday, January 7, 2013

So, It's the First Wedding Day for 2013

Yesterday, after we sit for another paper, we went straight to our owner's daughter wedding
Much to our advantage
Since our stomach were grumbling for food as we didn't take our breakfast before exam

I love the theme of the wedding
The use of flowers at the canopies are brilliant
The drapings' colour complement nicely
The frame of the mini gateway adding up the sweetness of the decoration
I feel so princess-like @,@

We had ayam masak merah
I don't know the beef is cooked in what way
Some pickle acar
And best of all, popadom!

All of us went to the wedding, just to eat
We were kinda late
The groom and the bride had already been seated at the altar to have all the spotlight for their special day
It's their day, the day when they promise to each other to be living as soulmates
I wish they will live happily ever after

We came with one car and one motorcycle
The other two who were on the bike looking like the naughty village boys looking for a place to lepak

They arrived home earlier than us
They tried to hide from us
A call just blew their cover
It was funny and surprising to all of us

We rested in excitement
There's something we were looking forward to in the evening ;)


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