Saturday, January 19, 2013

So, It's the American Idol 12

As I thought of Maharaja Lawak Mega yesterday, reminded me of American Idol which aired almost the same time with MLM 2012, the Finale
I can see myself is following the current happenings
And I like this
I like me to be attached to the current events
It has been ages that I feel so disconnected, disengaged to the world
At least the world that I love that is entertainment
Not much into politics, current issues, maybe ;)

And I am glad that Yazid Lim, or Johan, and Razizan, or Zizan, teamed up to be Jozan was made the winner yesterday
It was because Johan never seemed to be the winner of anything since he embarked in the entertainment industry, despite his name that means 'champion'

They both are adorable and incredibly funny!

Back to the AI excitement

I watched the memorable performances on YouTube
Kez Ban by far is my favourite
She seems so comfortable in her own skin
She looks so simple but she's full with personality
Her deep passion in street performance making any kinda performance just intrigued me
And the best of all, her voice is so heart melting
She writes songs as well
I love her composition
The sound of her song is very professional
Choosing AI as a platform to hone her performance skills, not solely to win the competition just like others, really make me think about how important ones self to know what they want, to do what they want, that the particular one self to really enjoy life
Not only think about achievements and stuffs
It simply means that you do what you like, you do what you want, without really thinking about what others think about it and you do it greatly that will shut the mouths that keep on condemning

Let us see her audition
I proudly presenting you, Kaz Ban!

She's great, isn't she?

This is another highlight from the auditions
A very sad story but by keeping it going, making Lazaro Arbos
He has problems in speaking
He stutters
But when he sings, my goodness, it is like an angel from the heaven

Let us see his audition! *clap clap*

He's adorable, isn't he?

All in all, for the first week show, I can say that this year's gonna be amazing
But I should keep this to myself before commenting more since there are more auditions to come
As for the new judges, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and my all-time favourite diva, Mariah Carey, their presence just spicing things up with Randy Jackson

I'm loving Nicki Minaj at this point
She's so cute and funny in her own elegant ghetto way
She always make a singsong remarks
Beside giving cute nickname to all the people around
For example, Keithy for Keith
Her voice is totally original
I mean, from her impromptu singsong remarks, it shows her singing voice and it is so real!
She embraces her place of origin very much
Queens, New York

Mariah has always been cute and very courteous
She even got down from her chair and looked outside just to laugh herself out
And her laughter is adorable as well
So cute!

But Nicki and Mariah seems not working out to be in a team
It is still in the beginning
I can sense some tension from the Chicago and New York auditions
I hope they won't get into a fight until the end of the show

I can see that the judges really looking for greatness
Looking forward to the next week's auditions


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