Thursday, January 17, 2013

So, It's About Qismah

Qismah, who insisted to remain unknown, cracked so many jokes today at lunch
As u can see, I only able to capture her picture without any face affixed in the picture

We had our lunch at this one mak cik shop and I dare to say 98% of her customers were my classmates

Berani la cakap macam tu sebab kedai acik tu pun tak de la besar mana
Kedai kecik-kecik je
Sapelah kita nak makan kekedai besar gajah nun

The fun started to from the moment I planned to take my free drink
Grape flavoured drinks
Yum yum

Then, this Qismah called me by the name
"Akak Jual Air"

It was funny
From her tone, her body language
It depicted the jovial part of her and her comedian sense that she has
I didn't sense any offensive cues from her
Even I was so stressed at that time

But I wasn't piss off
From that moment, I started to be carried away
Joining her to make more fun to her jokes

The water place turned out to be the joke centre
Whoever got at that station, there's a character put on them
One of it was Mak Cik Kantin


We also joked on her being a cat
Having cat brothers which ignored her when she tried to feed them fish

I laughed just like a crazy mad woman
*nak woman sahaja*

Too crazy too slow down
The madness continued when more jokes from other tables and my girlfriends

But craziness stopped when someone said sleepiness was all over
Then, we dispersed and got back to our respective, lovely, rental houses

I couldn't help but saying apologies to the wind, hoping that the other 2% of the Mak Cik's customers would forgive me for my misbehaviour that was so shameful when I reflected back while writing this post
Ahhhh, I feel so embarrassed!

Ah! Sudahlah nak drama bagai!


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