Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So, Dessert Galore in the Spirit of Commencing 2013

Continuing the spirit of starting the great year, I was spoiled with desserts after the AJL night

I went to see my friend the next day
Just to catch up and chit the chat
We went to Secret Recipe to kill our sweet tooth craving

I was having creme brulee with chamomile tea
My friend was having mocha ice blended accompanying yoghurt cheese cake and white coffee

Later that night, I went to have pavlova
It was homemade
By my besty
He loves baking
But lately, he was having baking catastrophe
He was thinking of taking a break from baking
Just for awhile

The next day, I was indulged with green tea mille crepe
Gila best!!!

Gonna remember this wonderful moment

If you have a dream, do it now
Why wait?


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