Friday, January 4, 2013

So, 2013 Welcoming Party In Advance

These are some of the pictures for my sleepover, considered to be my welcoming party of the new year
The advanced welcoming party

We were having quite fun
Just that the pipol is not that much
Supposedly, there were to be more than the three of us
In fact, one of us in a rush
That's making it to be less likely a fun thing
Since everything was needed to be done quickly

The day went on quite fast since we started out advanced party very late
Due to Sheikh, ever-looking-busy-but-apparently-not-that-busy-because-of-all-the-workloads-on-him boy was very late
Supposedly arriving before 8 but we waited till about 10

Afterwards, we got home
Getting ready for TED!!!
I got to watch one of the movies in my movie wishlist
The crowd, referring to us, were not lively since we were very exhausted
We called it a day when the movie ended

As we were to start the next day, I was so very tired that I slept and woke up quite late
However, my intended long sleep was disrupted by the fluctuating sound of the blaring TV when Sheikh's being even more annoying
He played some DVDs to get himself entertained since another two of us were still having our beauty sleep

When the host was up, he intended to prepare our brunch
But he ended up preparing us lunch straightaway since the sun was directly above the roof

We had chicken and some nice delectables to open and close our meal
Safuwan's hospitality is very warm
He always entertain his guests as if they are families

Then, we spent our day at Borders after we sent off the plague in our bunch
Plague was very harsh
He's just annoyingly entertaining
That's all

Then, after Borders, we lingered at IKEA
Getting to each of the sets of furnitures, depicting an ideal home
We passed at my dream bed
Underneath the bed, there was a TV set which very suitable in cuddling with pillows
Even, with your partners
Then, we came up with the introvert thingy
Something happened that might make us change our minds about that

As we went along the sections, we went to the market hall
Safuwan shared some stories about the returned curtain
Then, I got myself a plant
It was also one of the ways to avoid paying the parking tix

As we queued up, we were behind this foreign couples buying loads of things which includes rugs
With IKEA Membership Card, they might be entitled a lavish discount
Unfortunately, they didn't have the card
Introvert-ly, we didn't react
Any response was not made
We were clueless
When we were about to pay, then only we detected something
Something that might get us benefits while sharing other benefits with others

We just realized that we just missed the point to get free 2400 points!!!
That made us to consider whether to remain introverts or extroverts

When we got home, that really struck us

We continued watching the episodes of 2 Broke Girls at the episode that we stopped during our lunch
Then, the day ended

The next day was a lazy day
Very lazy and leisure
I love it

Then, I got back to my house at Puncak

I will remember this ;)


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