Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, Movie Marathon V

The fifth part of my marathon was


The second movie was


The third movie was


The fourth movie was



The fifth one was


I'm gonna be quick
Sinister is so scary that I can't really relate the 'thing' with reality since it may have some connection with magical and metaphysical thingy
CZ12 just so adorable with the actions and fun that Jackie Chan always have in his movies in addition to that English lady
They are all funny and that's what makes me love Jackie Chan's masterpiece
Hitchcock teaches me to be passionate about what I am doing regardless of the possible risk imposed
Straight A's seems like a good movie but I think they are establishing a name
Therefore, this movie is an introductory for a production company named Straight A's Production, if I were to be correct
Or maybe I was wrong, I was miss-viewed it
But still, it's good movie, the ones that you can find on DIVA Universal which previously known as Hallmark Channel
The final movie also a good one but not that strong
I think Miley is a bit too rough for being Molly who needs to be Brook
Yes, she's actually a boyish girl but still, to make it real, they would've chosen somebody else who is more giggle more and girlish and funny
I feel that Miley is not doing a good job
But I love her and I hope that she can be a better actress in the future
I believe in that

End of Movie Marathon part V


Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, Movie Marathon IV

The first movie for this part was


The second one was


The third movie was


The fourth was


The fifth movie was


If I were to watch less romantic comedy movies, which 3 out of 5 that I watched today, I may watch more than this
But dem movies are sweet and the action-packed movies are awesome!

End of Movie Marathon part IV


Friday, January 25, 2013

So, Movie Marathon III

The third part of my marathon is as follows


The second movie was


The third movie was


The fourth movie was



The fifth one was

*the one that I always thought to be pronounced as P-I instead of 'pai'*

Oh mai, I forgot about this one


Love all of dem movies

End of Movie Marathon part III


So, Won't Let You Fall Cover

Just outta boredom
I hope you guys like it


So, Movie Marathon II

For the second day of my marathon, I watched


The second movie was


The third movie was


And finally, wrapping up the marathon was


Well, basically, all of the movies for the second part of the marathon are awesome
Let's start off with Silent Hill
I didn't really catch the real concept of their worshiping but I like the effect
Especially to the undead faceless nurses
They look so sexy with all the poses they do
The brethren are not awesome
I thought they are like other humans at the Silent Hill
The brethren are the people who is perceived to be the army at Silent Hill
The one like police
It is when Heather or her real name is Sharon, the good part of Alessa was born so that Alessa can only feel the bad emotions
Sharon is adopted by Rose and her husband
Rose sends Sharon to his husband after her search for Sharon in Silent Hill
She still trapped in because she insist to distract the group of orders
People are sent to find Heather that include private investigator paid by the Orders
Heather insists to go to Silent Hill to find her father after she found him was not homed
She needs to come to Silent Hill with her own will, not being forced
When she meets Alessa, Heather absorbs Alessa to become one
That is how the Alessa's power of darkness can be stopped
That is not it
The current leader, I don't remember her name, she wants to create new God
But the amulet that Heather has with her turns her into hideous creature
For me, the monster looks awesome!
The monster is about to kill Heather but Heather's guardian, Triangle Head comes to her rescue
They fight and the lady monster gets killed
Heather frees her father and her father insists to stay at Silent Hill to find Rose
Heather heads back to the real world with his new boyfie

Well, Hotel Transylvania is the continuation of depicting the love of a father to a daughter
The Count Dracula hates the human eversince his love of her life dies after their castle was torn down by fire
He insists to keep it that way by telling all the tale tell stories about how bad human can be
On his daughter's 118th birthday, he holds a big party in his monsters-only-being-allowed-to-get-in hotel
He specially designed it to keep her daughter, Mavis from being exposed to human
According to the other monsters, the Drac is total control freak
Then, there is Johnny, who is lost in the jungle
The architect of the hotel has designed the hotel in the middle of area that is surrounded by scary place so that human cannot come near the hotel
But this crazy little boy manages to get in, much to Drac's surprise
He tries his best to keep Johnny from being detected as human
Johnny is a fun guy that most of the monsters please with his company
Even the Drac himself
Mavis falls in love with Johnny
It is her zing
When they zinged, she is not allowed to spend her time with Johnny
But Drac sends Johnny away
However, Drac second guesses his own decision when Mavis shows him the book that her dead mother intends to gave to her on her 118th birthday
'We only zinged once in our lives'
That makes Drac chase after Johnny with the help of one of the werewolves puppies
Drac put himself in danger to get Johnny back
And he did it!

Upside Down is a sci-fi
It makes me think and baffles me
I don't understand when a matter from the Up Top World cannot be pulled by the gravity of the Down Below World
It is like there are certain unique imprint on the each of the matters on each world that only can make them being pulled by the respective world's gravity
For example, 
Down Below is a poor world while Up Top is an advanced world
Each of the things that each world has cannot be assesses by the one from another world
The ones who uses\ something that is not belong the his/her own world, they can be penalized
There are Trans World, a company that its building technically connects both of the world
That is where Adam works
He was separated from his Aunt Beckie when he was found guilty to touch Eden, Up Top girl in the woods
They have known each other for quite long, ever since they were a kid
When they was about to get caught, Adam was sending her back by carefully releasing the rope that was tight up on Eden's waist against the Top World gravity
Suddenly, one of his arms was shot and he slipped the rope that Eden fell and hit her head from that height from the pulling force of the gravity
She lost her memory from that moment
She was told that she had an accident
She barely able to recall what happened before
Adam is a scientist who is working on an anti aging cream
The cream technically uplifts the droops of the face
The loosened face tissues
When his friend able to get the TV transmission from the Up Top world, there is Eden on the TV
It had been 10 years they were separated
Adam insists on working his way to be in Up Top world to meet Eden
He manages to get a job at Trans World, where he works he way up to the top
Yes, he managed to do so
But, Eden cannot remember him
I am more baffled why the metals that he uses to get him being pulled by the gravity burns
Is that because of the reaction of the metal on the materials from the different world?
I think the metals are from the Up Top world and why is it burning in its own environment?
Or maybe the metal is a highly reactive metals that it burns actively in an open air?
When Adam presents his cream, Eden is there
She inquires Adam by prompting the name that Adam uses from one of his senior colleagues from Up Top
He mentions his name and Eden feels betrayed that she leaves the presentation
She curls up for quite a long time and something strikes her
She remembers Adam
They meet at the place where they met before
They makes love, floating
Eden is caught and about to be sentenced but the authority holds the sentence order by threatening Adam to give them the missing powder that he does not includes in the uplifting cream
Bob patented the powder
Bob, his Up Top friend, come by at Down Below without metals strap around his body
Even, Eden can stay at Down Below
She is having a twins
It is a happy ending story
I don't like it that much because I was expecting a tearing love story from the look of the poster
Trying to reach out for each other but to no success
It is more scientific - the cream, the gravity thingy
But the concept is interesting

The final movie is the final sequel of the Twilight Saga
I watched all of them!
It is rare for me to finish up the whole sequel of a movie
This is the first sequel that I finished up
It is about Renesmee, Edward and Bella's daughter, who is half human, half vampire, being perceived to be a danger to the vampire community
Renesmee is born when Bella is still human
Now, Bella is one of the red-eyed vampires
Dah macam red eye dalam gambar pulak kan?
I love Alice
She looks so vogue, poise in her own way
I love the love that they have for each other
The family atmosphere so lovingly
They protect one another
When one vampire saw Renesmee catching snowflakes, she informs the higher level vampire that I don't know who
He have the ability to read mind and see the future
Therefore, nobody can tell lie when he holds them hands
When the Cullen's family know about it from Alice's vision, they started to spread around the world to find witnesses
To convince the higher level vampires that Renesmee is no harm
I just realize that some of the vampires are not only a bloodsucking creature
But they able to do something else
Like Bella, she has the power of shield
She can protect others by give out her shield to the ones she wanted
One of them can control the element like water and sand
One of them can manipulate the mind of a people
One of them can generate electricity
One of them see visions, like Alice
That is so awesome
I wish I can be vampire
Alice has been gone
Much to the family's surprise
Actually she has another plan
The family members spread around the world to find witnesses
Some of the witnesses join them just because to fight that vampire higher community
When the meet, Renesmee touches the vampire, IDK the name of him, to tell him about her
That is how she communicates when she doesn't want to talk
But what she 'said' from the touch are no lies
Then, there come Alice
Actually, she has given Bella the signal to prepare Renesmee's escape if things not don't go the way they wanted
Bella follows Alice's instruction
Alice coming with a Red Indian guy who claims to be half human and half vampire
He is raised by his aunty that he turned to be a vampire
His mother died upon the labour
Still holding Alice's hand, the vampire can see they fight
And in the fight, he died
I was all jumpy to watch them fight
But it is only imaginary
They don't fight each other 
They only prosecute the informant
A good movie to watch

End of Movie Marathon part II


Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, Movie Marathon I

The first movie for the first part of my movie marathon is


The second movie is


The third movie is


The transition from Malay movies to English movie had some impact on me since I need to readjust my perception on the setting and stuffs

Minyak Dagu is a good movie
It is about the overprotected fiancee who struggles so much to make the marriage possible
He works so hard to get the marriage to happen
Still he isn't aware about his fiancee who is tormented from the treatment she's receiving from his husband-to-be
Come the old boyfriend in the setting as a successful doctor, much to the girl's parents blessings to make them an item, despite the engagement
The fiancee feels so threatened that he chooses the dark path to get what his wants
Minyak dagu is an extraction of oil through the black magic procedures where the chin of the female accident victim is heated to get the oil
That's why they called it minyak dagu, literally mean 'chin oil'
The shaman has the agreement with the spirit of the victim to be used as their slave
Therefore, when someone comes to get the oil, they will be granted the spirit from the shaman
According to the movie, there are terms and conditions that the so called 'owner' of the soul to follow
First, they should not bring the oil into their house
Second, the user itself should never cross any river or sea
Lastly, they should not visit the deceased
Somehow, Azman, the fiancee breaks the rules
He is the one who use the black magic but not Johan, the husband of Emelda, the victim of the magic
They get married when Emelda calls off their engagement
Johan is accused by Emelda's mother since the weird occurrences happen after they get married
And her mother dies from the conflicts out of cardiac arrest
I was having the same thought like the mother because it looks more apparent as if Johan was the one who put Emelda under his spell
Emelda often possessed and acts all crazy to find Azman
As Azman has not abiding the rules set, the spirit now are to claim the blood
The shaman said he can re-deal with the spirit to putting Azman and the people he loves harmless by taking the oil back to the shaman
But the oil is not at the place where he had it buried
Johan takes it after he follows Azman to the shaman's house right after he sudden leaving at Emelda's house
From that moment, Emelda starts to get back to reality
Azman takes his own life by pouring the oil all over him at the cemetery
Azman's mother is dumbfounded that she asks for forgiveness from God on his son's behalf
Azman is dead after he is shot by the thunder
Emelda is under a great shock since she is not herself, not after her mother's death
It is a tragic story

Let's move on to the next movie
A very heartfelt story
It is based from the real story
It takes place in Thailand, one of the spots affected by tsunami in 2004, the Indian Ocean Tsunami
It is a very heartbreaking in the earlier part
After the island is struck by the waves, 2 out of 5 family members are separated
They struggled to stay afloat
Maria is hit by a lot of things when she is under the water
She manages to get in touch with her first son, Lucas
Lucas has been acting heroic to get his mother to safety
Lucas loses her mother while he is helping other people to get in touch with their respective family members
The language barriers appear to be very clear
There are Thai, Swedish, French, and other languages
He is helpless that I thought he losses his mother forever
It just happens that there is some problem for the record
Maria is still alive
Just that she is very ill since there are a lot of wounds that she is infected a great deal
The father, Henry is looking for his wife and son
His other two are already found
He is persistent to find his wife
I can see the love their have for each other in his eyes, so intense
They are a lovely couple, I shall say
Maria is a very helpful and selfless lady
She should be an example to not only the ladies-to-be but also to the men-to-be
It is because the values that she has is very noble
Henry goes from places of shelters and hospitals to find them
Even, he insists to be separated from his two sons so that they can stay at a safe place and he keeps on searching
It is a happy ending
Henry manages to find Lucas when he sees the ball he gave to Simon as Christmas present as a sign for him to keep on looking for Lucas the hospital, even he is about to leave
Lucas screams to the hearing of Thomas and Simon who happen to be around the area as well
The four of them reunited
I get all touchy and goosebumps
Then, they go to see Maria
Actually, Henry is about to find Maria when he is at the hospital
Maria senses his presence when he is behind the curtain
But she is too weak to react
The story is a compellingly warming story

Finally, Les Miserables
The movie that I found the hardest to finish
First, it is 158 minutes long
Secondly, they barely converse that they sing along the movie
Everybody is singing
Maybe I am not familiar with that kind of style
The story line a good somehow
Much to my surprise, it won so many awards
That includes Golden Globe Awards for the Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical
It is about the condemned, the poor, the miserable ones
The main actor who is taken to be the slave is freed to be paroled but he breaks the parole
He is living on the run
He tries to safe a lady who doing her best to find the money to get her daughter the best life
But she is too poor that she has to give away anything that she has for money since she loses her job at a factory
When she was dying, Jean Valjean promises her to find her daughter and keep her safe
I lost a lot of focus along the way since it is taking ages to finish
So, I paid less mind to afterwards
When Cosette grew to be a teenager, she finds herself the love of her life, Marius
There are some kind of revolution, something about French history that is not in my knowledge
Marius is one of the people who involved in the revolution
Javert, the prison guard is still in pursue to catch Valjean
Valjean is insecure about his presence to the safety of Cosette who he has regarded to be his own
He tells Marius about it and he insists to leave
Valjean dies
Cosette and Marius is married

These three movies has different perspective
One is about black magic, another is about natural disaster, and another one is about the history
I'm gonna continue my movie marathon ;)

End of Movie Marathon part I


Sunday, January 20, 2013

So, Best Service with a Smile

I don't know whether I contribute to it or not
Believe it or not, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur won the Best Service with A Smile at Expatriate Lifestyle's 2012 Best of Malaysia Awards
I am totally feel proud to be a part of Sheraton Imperial for about 3 months out of the total 12 months in the year of 2012

Here goes the total listing the total of 10 awards that Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Malaysia has brought home

Oh, rasa semangat sikit nak pegi praktikal abes exam esok
I know I need some break but why wait for something exciting?


So, It's the Last Pasar Malam for Part 5

When I was back in Penang, my besty and me had this weekly pasar malam trip
Usually we went to places by foot
That included the pasar malam trip
The worst but fun night was when the night was raining quite heavily
We had our payungs
We were secured from the rain but not the puddles on the pedestrian path and on the road
We were splashed cruelly
But we laughed like hell crazy

Oh, I miss being around my besty
I hope he miss me like I miss him
I hope he think of me the way I think of him
I have the feeling that we are no longer sharing any mutual interest in each other
But I'm being unfair by saying that
Maybe he was up for something
Problems, issues and the like that he doesn't want to share
He doesn't want me to be sad to think about him
If so, he's totally nice
But I wish he would share
Kesahla orang nak cakap apapun
Mulut memang takleh nak tutup
We know best about ourselves

So, today, my final trip to pasar malam as a part fiver was so not fun
I went alone
And I was the delivery boy

So, I bought the food
I hate to wait for food that I always buy the ones that has already prepared
Unless I have all the time to linger around at the pasar
But remember, I was the delivery boy
There were orders that I needed to send

It was NO fun

That's how I ended my final visit to pasar malam for this semester

It's quite saddening but it's life
Embrace everything while we can

I'm calling it a night
Night pipol


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

So, It's the American Idol 12

As I thought of Maharaja Lawak Mega yesterday, reminded me of American Idol which aired almost the same time with MLM 2012, the Finale
I can see myself is following the current happenings
And I like this
I like me to be attached to the current events
It has been ages that I feel so disconnected, disengaged to the world
At least the world that I love that is entertainment
Not much into politics, current issues, maybe ;)

And I am glad that Yazid Lim, or Johan, and Razizan, or Zizan, teamed up to be Jozan was made the winner yesterday
It was because Johan never seemed to be the winner of anything since he embarked in the entertainment industry, despite his name that means 'champion'

They both are adorable and incredibly funny!

Back to the AI excitement

I watched the memorable performances on YouTube
Kez Ban by far is my favourite
She seems so comfortable in her own skin
She looks so simple but she's full with personality
Her deep passion in street performance making any kinda performance just intrigued me
And the best of all, her voice is so heart melting
She writes songs as well
I love her composition
The sound of her song is very professional
Choosing AI as a platform to hone her performance skills, not solely to win the competition just like others, really make me think about how important ones self to know what they want, to do what they want, that the particular one self to really enjoy life
Not only think about achievements and stuffs
It simply means that you do what you like, you do what you want, without really thinking about what others think about it and you do it greatly that will shut the mouths that keep on condemning

Let us see her audition
I proudly presenting you, Kaz Ban!

She's great, isn't she?

This is another highlight from the auditions
A very sad story but by keeping it going, making Lazaro Arbos
He has problems in speaking
He stutters
But when he sings, my goodness, it is like an angel from the heaven

Let us see his audition! *clap clap*

He's adorable, isn't he?

All in all, for the first week show, I can say that this year's gonna be amazing
But I should keep this to myself before commenting more since there are more auditions to come
As for the new judges, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and my all-time favourite diva, Mariah Carey, their presence just spicing things up with Randy Jackson

I'm loving Nicki Minaj at this point
She's so cute and funny in her own elegant ghetto way
She always make a singsong remarks
Beside giving cute nickname to all the people around
For example, Keithy for Keith
Her voice is totally original
I mean, from her impromptu singsong remarks, it shows her singing voice and it is so real!
She embraces her place of origin very much
Queens, New York

Mariah has always been cute and very courteous
She even got down from her chair and looked outside just to laugh herself out
And her laughter is adorable as well
So cute!

But Nicki and Mariah seems not working out to be in a team
It is still in the beginning
I can sense some tension from the Chicago and New York auditions
I hope they won't get into a fight until the end of the show

I can see that the judges really looking for greatness
Looking forward to the next week's auditions


So, My First Karaoke for 2013

I look so slutty in those pictures
Oh mai
Courtesy from Ezany
Thanks uoll!

We didn't plan to karok, initially
It just happened that one of the girls asked them to go
At first, I was not thinking of going since they didn't ask me personally
But things happened
I went!

Ad hoc plan always been the best experience ever
I sang 4 songs
For me, Hamzi has the best voice
Yana has a good high register
Both of them have a high range vocal
Just moderate
More or less the same with the others
Oh, speaking about singing just make my stomach flutters
Like there's butterflies in it

I just love to sing
But I can't really sing just like the both of them
I feel like to call off the idea to hone that skill
Since I have very limited time but I have many goals to meet
I need prayers from you guys so that I can get things done, the way I wanted, the way I believe it should be
But it is hard for me to leave out singing
Le sigh

I didn't think that everybody have the good time
Only some of them tried to be funny like Bong and Hamzi and Ikmal
Piqa was quiet
Cepa, as usual, has very little interest in singing
Ezany was trying to get naughty with all the moves, with wall
Maybe I was trying too hard to put some pressure on my singing
I don't know
It was because I was really doing the hardest when I sang
I didn't really make fun out of it
I felt so bad for them as if they had to live up to the expectation that I have put up
Or maybe they took singing seriously as I did
That's why the atmosphere was so tense that they remained quiet and silent and sang their hearts out when they got on their turn
Anything is possible

Yana sugested that we should finish up with Koleksi Gemilang
And we did!
The epic ending, I presumed

As it ended, we headed home with light headed and sore throat
I can say that I'm a little relieve
The stress level decrease a little I guess
Thank u guys for the Friday night outing
Impromptu seronok!

Gonna remember this!


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Friday, January 18, 2013

So, My 200th Post Is About TED

This is the pilot video that attracts me to TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design - that holds the concept of Ideas Worth Spreading
This is a part of TED, TEDTalks where presentation of idea in a storytelling mode
I found it very interesting
For more information, you can go directly at their website

This is Cameron Russell

Inspirational, isn't it?

I am still learning about this organisation
I feel that this organisation is totally awesome!

If you want to share some thoughts, I am open for discussion
Looking forward to our forum of discussion!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

So, This is SO Embarrassing

I was just tweeting
Randomly tweeted
Randomly replying tweets
Randomly retweeting

Suddenly this one came up...

This is totally hilarious!!!
Thank God there's no radio in this house

Or else
Lagi malu

I can't help but to laugh
Oh, I'm so hyperactive at the moment


So, The Feeling That I Still Haven't Quite Figured Out Yet

What would u feel when u face these situations

When you have this fellow friend
The one who will always ask u about the things u like to do
As for me, I like to sleep
The one who always keen to ask whether I'm gonna sleep or not
Regardless of time without judging
The one who understands and takes note on how I like to do the things I like
The one who wouldn't do anything that might disturb my sleep
The one who do the best to keep me sleep soundly
But in return, I think I did less to compensate of what this one did

I can feel that if I were to be that friend, who do the best to keep his friend happy, and that friend didn't do much to keep the mutual benefits, I think, I'm gonna explode

I think I'm doing my best to keep them happy but got nothing in return
It's not about keikhlasan or whatnot
I don't demand something material
It's enough for you to be doing your best to keep others happy, that is including me
It shouldn't always be about material, it's about something less extrinsic, more intrinsic

That is from my perspective of how I work in a community

Maybe, the existence of such friend who look after you just gives you the sense of alive
You feel like you exist

The feeling that I am still in process of figuring it out

What should I feel when someone treat me right but I didn't do the same?

What should I feel when I think that I treat someone well enough for them to live with comfort but didn't get any acknowledgment or whatnot?

This kinda thinking is endless
I don't know what kind of feeling I should root for
It's very complicated

Very intricate to care this delicate heart

*too many whatnots, ahakz*


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So, It's About Qismah

Qismah, who insisted to remain unknown, cracked so many jokes today at lunch
As u can see, I only able to capture her picture without any face affixed in the picture

We had our lunch at this one mak cik shop and I dare to say 98% of her customers were my classmates

Berani la cakap macam tu sebab kedai acik tu pun tak de la besar mana
Kedai kecik-kecik je
Sapelah kita nak makan kekedai besar gajah nun

The fun started to from the moment I planned to take my free drink
Grape flavoured drinks
Yum yum

Then, this Qismah called me by the name
"Akak Jual Air"

It was funny
From her tone, her body language
It depicted the jovial part of her and her comedian sense that she has
I didn't sense any offensive cues from her
Even I was so stressed at that time

But I wasn't piss off
From that moment, I started to be carried away
Joining her to make more fun to her jokes

The water place turned out to be the joke centre
Whoever got at that station, there's a character put on them
One of it was Mak Cik Kantin


We also joked on her being a cat
Having cat brothers which ignored her when she tried to feed them fish

I laughed just like a crazy mad woman
*nak woman sahaja*

Too crazy too slow down
The madness continued when more jokes from other tables and my girlfriends

But craziness stopped when someone said sleepiness was all over
Then, we dispersed and got back to our respective, lovely, rental houses

I couldn't help but saying apologies to the wind, hoping that the other 2% of the Mak Cik's customers would forgive me for my misbehaviour that was so shameful when I reflected back while writing this post
Ahhhh, I feel so embarrassed!

Ah! Sudahlah nak drama bagai!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So, Girl On Fire

So, What About Us

So, Versions of a Beautiful Song

This is the original version of Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban.

This is the cover version by my favourite artiste, Kelly Clarkson. The tempo is fastened a little. Ignore the earlier part


Her versatility is one of the reasons why I love her so much.

Both songs are perfect
It's about urge to cry after all the aftermath or anything that has brought you down
Each songs has different effects on me
Maybe because of the singer, male and female version
I happened to discover this song when I was feeling down
And this song just makes me feel good
It tells me that it's not wrong to cry
I wish I can just cry my heart out now

The beauty of the song and the voice of the singers just touched me deeply
It left some feelings that I can't describe
Reminds me a lot of the memories
The memories that I wish I don't have in my keeping
It is so painful

But people say, memories are the treasury and guardian of all things
Things that we should never forget
We should never leave behind
It might be painful or delightful
A moment may last for all of a second, but the memory lives on forever

It is a part of our lives
Just savour it
Other people don't have what we are having
It is one of the things that makes us different from others
It helps to shape us for who we are now

Pain. Hurt. Hate. All are lessons to be learnt
And I am learning that