Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Almost The End!

From the title, I'm just pointing out about the year of twenty-thirteen.
It has almost come to an end.
Today is 24th and there is another seven days to go for the 2014
As the social networks have highlighted that there's no longer unique dates like 11-12-13 and whatnots, still, I believe there's gonna be more memories coming
I think, I'm gonna do my ABC notes for 2013 like I did last year
Oh, I should notify my bestfriend also about this
It takes two to tango!

Besides the ABC countdown, I think I will add on the highlights of the year
I think it's gonna be very good for me to trace back what I've done so far
Might as well help me with my self-reflection for my self-development
Kinda loosing the tempo now
Everything is going down and slow
I haven't finish my readings
I haven't widen my perspective reading materials
I haven't tried to play twinkle-twinkle little star
I haven't made any draft for any of my stories
I haven't think of how to decorate the next event I agree to help out
I need a come back!

I don't know if I do have any loyal readers out there, who prefers to be anonymous and does not urge me for more posts (feeling sangat)
If there's any, thank you so much for the loyalty, greatly appreciated
Still, I'm sorry for not posting anything
I'll get on quick snippets since I cannot write down all

I just, sort of, broken my promise that I'd post one post at least for a month
Now I'm thinking of writing a short stories
Rather than me being the subject, I'm gonna make fictions
It may or may not be related to my life
If you can see the similarities, it's just coincidental
However, I have no idea whether I'm going to be on this plan or not
Still, I'll do my best

On the footnotes, I'll still be updating my life so far
This is my diary :D

So, that's all for now


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, Malam Aspirasi Graduan

Yesterday, it was one of the nights to be remembered
Malam Aspirasi Graduan is the new name for Malam Pra Graduan that is held to celebrate the final semester students before graduating
The theme was Retro Rendezvous
I was wearing a simple white shirt with black suit on
I was a part of A Little Too Mixed Up
We performed Don't Let Go (Love) and Wings
I was inspired from Little Mix, the first girl band to win the X Factor UK in 2011
There were so many flaws but it was beyond what I imagined since we had a very limited time to practice
I am very proud of my singers, dancers and background voice person
They really made my vision come true
Thank u so much

As usual, I'd be the one who was loud
I do that because I wanna enjoy myself
Trying to instil 'work hard, play hard' attitude
However, I cannot avoid being starstruck when Nadia AF was ther and I was like, oh mai

A Little Too Mixed Up didn't win the prize to be the best performance
Still, I had a very good time myself
I enjoyed myself performing
Can't wait to see our video
I know I'll be surprised with so many mistakes and faults
Like I care?

I was nominated for Faculty Idol
I was totally flabbergasted
I never saw that one coming
I was nervous instantly
I was preoccupied with all the thoughts that I might be winning, but
I wasn't
Other nominees were great themselves
I didn't win the title
I'm proud of the person who has never fail to impress me
She deserves the title
I shall say, she is the only person who deserves, really, to win - of all other awards that crowned certain people who wasn't eligible, from my opinion

Then, we had been taking pictures like crazy people
Even, we gathered at the green field after the dinner to take more pictures even we were totally exhausted


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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So, Don't Let Go (Love)

My current kinda powerful song
I love the aura of the song
Very powerful


Monday, April 29, 2013

So, We are at the Same Wavelength

I hate it when I use a pair of earphones to be affixed at my ears because it limits my mobility
To get the pencils, to get the books and notes, to get something to nibble on, and the list goes on and on and on
Now, I just got myself my own bed that I don't have to climb up the ladder to sleep it
It's awkward when there's a bed at the living room
But who cares? I don't
Tonight will be the first night to sleep on it and I don't know what to expect
I'm gonna let my expectation slides
I don't wanna expect anything


I'm happy to discover the people at the same wavelength
It's actually, simply means in Malay, "sekepala" or "sebulu"

I just found a few
The first one is the one that is very close to me
I don't know if he was acting out whenever I complain, tell stories, and go out
The attention given is totally on you
Now it's not more of that at the same wavelength thingy but more on acceptance
It is very flattering to find out that you are annoying, at least to some people, regardless the most people who don't like to be around you
I showed my sketches and I got approved, even constructive comments and being listened up to my defense
The feeling is awesome
Maybe I get rid the idea that we have the same schooling background
That's make us "sekepala"

Oh, this one is way too scary

Then, I just found another one
Also one of the people that is close, not as close as the first one
We went out that I accompanied to the barber shop, then to the cybercafe and then to the kedai makan for dinner
I just wanted to pass the chocolate that had been ordered when I was at Langkawi earlier this month
Ordered, not get it for free ;)
Then, during the chat at that kedai makan, both of us really into the conversation
Just about to kickoff since we barely know each other
I had fun!
Nobody ever talk to me like that for ages
Please note that it wasn't a date
It's a friend chat and it was so inspiring
I thought I was the only one to feel that way
So, we planned to have our weekly weekend lepaking
But I disagreed
I hate it when something that has been planned and canceled
I totally don't like that
I hate the quote, "Plan changes"
Same goes to, "Rules are made to be broken"
People do those
I don't have much a choice but to back off, and suck it up
Yes, life's a bitch sometimes
But that doesn't mean I will not continue mingling with the others
The next meeting will be on a fortnightly basis
I like that we are "sebulu" now

Nak bincang pasal rambut pulak dah ke?
Gunakan Sunsilk!

I am happy

Let the happiness grows
Choose to be happy to keep it growing :)


Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, I Feel Very Sick Today

But I need to be this way

All covered up, strong willed iron lady, that's who I am (ehhhh)

Eh, dah kenapa? Tiber emo semacam kan? Lewls.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

So, For My Twin

My twin asked me to design her dress
The picture is my inspiration
And the second one is the sketch and the third one is coloured dress
She asked it to have purple, pink, and grey
I sent it when I finished and she said she like it
What say you?


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So, I Want My Own Bed

It has been a quiet week for me
I've been rummaging through the academic papers and journals that I can never understand
Tried my very best for this week
I hope I can do a whole lotta more

Everyone has gone somewhere else
But I chose to stay here
I feel like I was at my hideout, only if I was alone at this house
It would feel like it my hidden cabin where nobody around to care, to attend
But unfortunately, this time I have to share it with my housemate
Ever annoying one, just like my brother
Maybe we have the same traits
We are Johorean
I shall say, there's something annoying about Johorean, including myself
I try to minimize the effect of annoying Johorean in me but pardon me if it did come out
It is because, it is in my gene
So, it is inevitable

I was so comfortable to be in my own nest, my room
I turned my shared room to be mine
Even it is obvious that my stuffs been a lot in the room
Sorry roomate
It has been my nature to have many stuffs

Being this comfortable makes me wanting to have my own room
But that may be too much to ask
So, I want my own bed
That's the least I would ask after the very comfortable week

Can I have my own bed, please?
At least like this one....

Or this?

Or this?

Or in my dreams?


Friday, April 26, 2013

So, Life Is But A Dream

I just found that HBO aired something, a biographic film about Beyonce
I believe it's very inspirational
Maybe you can tell what is it like from the trailer

After watching this, I drawn to watch the movie
Maybe I'm going to search for it, later
And God's willing, I'll make a review outta it

Before that, just check out on this!
I bet you are going to be blown away!!!


So, 2 Broke Girls Season 2

I'm on my way to start watching my favourite show that has won the best new comedy series at People's Choice Award
So excited!!!
The jokes are more likely to be 'juicier', if you know what I mean
Please be sure to catch up on the episodes


So, Sophie Grace and Rosie

It has been years of their fame and notorious but I just found these girls
Sophie Grace is an awesome singer
Rosie is just the quiet girl during performances but actually she's a witty girl
Sophie Grace is the showstopper during the performance and Rosie is the talkative host during their tea time
They have been invited by Ellen on her show
Let's have a peak on them
They are adorable

After watching this, I become more fonder of Nicki Minaj
She's totally a good person
Even she became one of the people that your mom would not allowed to meet once she hear Nicki's songs
But I believe that she has a golden heart

There are more shows you can look on the YouTube
Just search "Sophie Grace and Rosie"
There's gonna be a whole lotta more


Thursday, April 25, 2013

So, People Like Us

The latest song of Kelly Clarkson is



So, It's Going to Be Another Great Year for Kelly Clarkson

Another birthday shoutout to my other favourite girl
Happy birthday Kelly Clarkson!!!
I heart you always

I instinctively change my profile picture to your latest single cover today
It is wonderful some kinda magic happen
Actually I have no idea today's her birthday but I just had the feeling to update my profile picture
And voila! It's because of her birthday

Happy birthday!!!
May you become more successful in the future
You are really leaving a dent on the music industry and please keep it up
I want to hear more from you
More awards
More good music, regardless they will get you awards or not
I'm gonna love you always, forever and always
May you rock the tour
May you'll be a good wife
May he'll be the good husband of yours
May you bears good children
I bet they are going to be as beautiful as, as strong as their mother
As inspirational as their mother is

Thank you Pak Cik Google for the pictures
I heart you, too, Pak Cik Google


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So, 2013 Birthday Shoutout to Nabilah Yaacob

The only picture that I can find with reference to Pak Cik Google

Happy birthday to you
I wish you all the best for whatever you do
May Allah bless you and your families and your friends
Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki
All the best!!!

Nah kek
Ihsan dari Pak Cik Google