Sunday, December 2, 2012

So, Surveyor for Pesta Tarian Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia

Today, my task is to collect the data upon satisfaction of the Pesta Tarian Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia at Putrajaya in front of the Palace of Justice
The ground was big enough to accommodate more than a thousand
For the past three years, it was held at Dataran Merdeka
However, that historical venue was under some maintenance job

Again, I was overslept
I felt ashamed of myself for not being able to control myself
May be I was tired, may be I was oblivious
I should do something about it

What made me to feel bad about it was that I made my friend to wait for me
I hate to make people wait for me

I thought we were late
But we weren't
In fact, we were waiting for our lecturers to brief us on how to do the data collection
We were given the stuffs, forms, some goodies, tags and t-shirt
Even the shirt is oversize and was like a baju kelawar to me
I'd rather wearing it
It will help me to be distinguished easily
That the possible respondents were not to be that doubtful about what I'm about to ask them

Then, we joined the dance
The dance that they did is a mixture of several dances, representing the ethnics in Malaysia
However, Gangnam style was not one of our culture but it was a part of the dance to attract the crowd
Since it is the current hits worldwide

I was struggling to dance
To my surprise, there were a group of golden aged ladies were very good at Gangnam
I was quite embarrassed
I felt left behind

Most of the people are at their golden age
They came from all across the country to take part
They came by invite from the local councils as well as the Ministry of Tourism

Our First Lady came to officiate and dance with us
She was accompanied by Minister of Tourism who was with us along the event
She stayed until the event finished
Even, she was very energetic emceeing the Gangnam dance battleground

We started  to collect once the first round of the dance was ended
I was excited since the first respondent was very affluent to survey
She is elderly but she read each one carefully and correctly filled up the form with a single breeze
Much to my liking

However, the experience was getting worse
I was at a very difficult situation
To get all the questionnaires filled within the allocated time

I was too formal
Following every single steps as I was told
When I found out about the trick of doing it, I found it easier to do so
However, I monitored

What can I say is that, Malaysian is still not familiar with survey, research, etc.
I think they need the exposure about this
It is very vital for the researchers
It is very crucial for our country development
For them to plan accordingly

Since they are not really attuned to the questionnaires
Also, because of language barrier since there were no translation in the questionnaire, they found discomfort in filling it up
In addition to that, the people there were old people
They had difficulties in reading and answering
Some of them were willing to help but they had difficulties to understand the instruments

Most of them tried to avoid us
I had no idea why
May be because of their past experiences about strangers approaching them
It could be some bad memories
It could be because of insecurities

This are the things that we need to avoid because they impede a process that is very essential
Nevertheless, we had quite a day

After we finished up collecting, it was time for us to collect our wages
The lecturers were quite strict in screening our questionnaires
However, it is understandable

We snapped some pictures before we headed home
Thank God I was with awesome people
And the awesomeness filled the air
U can see it from the pictures, right?

I'll look forward to this kind of activities
It's inspirational by meeting people
If the situation was worse than expected, it makes me think
Thinking of how to make it better


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