Friday, December 21, 2012

So, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Our Thai Friend, Salim

We only had our class with her this semester and for only one class
She was with us while we were taking our minor subject class

She was an exchange student from Thailand
She was doing her exchange for only one semester
During her exchange, I was not communicating much with her
I think I was too busy thinking about myself
That's what I always do
Much to my loss

However, on my defence, I am trying to put other people first
Or at least, I'm preaching myself to think about others

When she was in the class, I was kinda afraid to talk to talk to her
I didn't know whether she looked timid or she was timid or I was shy to approach her

All in all, it was an honour to get to know an international friend
I might not know her very well
And I think I'm at loss since I didn't seek for more information about Thailand firsthandedly
I think, it is because of my general knowledge on Thailand is not that wide to consider a very long informative and fun chit chat

For Salim,
All the best for your future upcoming
I hope you will remember the experience studying in Malaysia
I hope u will not forget us
Good luck!
We're gonna miss u :)


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