Friday, December 14, 2012

So, It's My First Snoghurt

On our way back, my twin, ikan, and I headed to Snogurt
Firstly, I was a little insecure about how much money that thing will cost me
Since I'm almost penniless right now
Then, I only watched my twin made her moves to get her Snogurt
She took the froyo and raspberry flavour
She took some toppings as well

We were entitled 15% discount!!!
Then, I took the same for me
And we got vouchers!
Later, I'm gonna go eat with my besty
Prior to that thought, I was thinking of giving it to that couple of bestfriend that I was with at that moment
But they insisted to keep the voucher to myself to be spent with my besty
What a thoughtful friends I have
I hope, they are blessed with all the love from God
They are angels

I love the Snogurt
In fact, it's gonna be my guilty pleasure from time to time
I love the original one

I treated it like how I eat ice cream
The melted cold ice cream delights me in great deal
I don't like to eat the solid state of the ice cream
I love it the very moment it has gone to be liquid

I fret not to treat that way anymore
The frozen yoghurt needs to be eaten when it is still frozen
According to my twin, it tastes the same like Tutti Frutti
I just kill another craving for something in the same day
Thank u twin for such a great outing today
Quite a journey, I shall say

Let's recap:
Wasn't sure to go or not to go to the ceremony and off we went
Arrived late but had quite a great time
Then, off to photocopy some docs and delighted for its cheap price
Off to the fac to send the doc to one of our group members
The paving of the road got us into trouble to get out of the varsity grounds
Consulted the insulted Polis Bantuan to get the ruined gate opened so that we could fetch ikan and go back to Puncak Alam since all the engines were crowding at the exit path
In the jittery and anxiety, we managed to go through it
Thinking of how lucky we were
We wouldn't be that lucky if we were in Penang Campus and we started to reminisce
Went to Snogurt to get two cups of frozen yoghurt, one for them and another one was all to myself
Yum yum!
Off we went to Puncak Alam
Disappointment due to the loss of Harimau Malaya
That's what happened
The one the I call, the joyride
And now, I'm calling it a day
Gonna remember this


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