Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, It's IITSC

It had been quite an experience
To be a LO (Liaison Officer) for the second time
This time was totally LO
Not only picking up the speaker from the airport like before
For the event at MO (Mandarin Oriental)

The first day was busy and haywire
Everybody seems so lost
Not really knowing their job descriptions, who's who and others
It was quite pressuring
At the end of the day, we had a post-mortem
It was said to be something successful
Everybody was doing great
And I didn't think I was doing great
I was doing just nice and not much
Much to my aggression, mentally

The next day, the co-partner lecturer in ushering the delegates getting more organised
Much to my delights
Even I was slept for only 2 hours after the tiring day to prepare the introduction text for Dato Mahathir Lokman, I was elated
I felt honoured in preparing the text

When I handed in the text, I was lectured
I hadn't get the chance to explain about the text
But somehow I was lectured by him about how unfriendly tourism students were
When I was about to leave for other tasks, he asked us to take pictures with him
Another honourable experience
Is there such thing, honourable experience?

We were having the keynote address by our former prime minister
He was so punctual
Loving him more now

We were to keep on ushering
The event went a little bit haywire
Everything was disorganised for the prize giving ceremony for the exhibition participants

When the concurrent session was on, we lingered to wait for it to end
We tidied things up before getting crammed into a room with five people
I managed to take pictures with my friends
Gonna remember this!


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  1. wahh tetiba rasa bangga gmbr aq masuk blog :)

    *prof nmpk hensem time ni..ehhh? hahah

  2. prof mestila emsem time conference...
    selekeh time kelas ja...

    nanti ak letak lg gmbr kau kt blog ak eh.. tunggu snap-snap picture dari team terjah.. hahaha