Saturday, December 22, 2012

So, It's a Gaza Experience by Afdlin Shauki

When I was on the way to come back to Malacca, I needed to transit at UNITEN since my sister was so called held hostage for an event
A tribute event for Gaza

It consisted of two parts
The first part was about the life-experience sharing by Afdhalin, the name given to Afdlin when he visited Gaza
The second part is a talk by the head of Aqsa Sharif

Some of the things that attracts me are the pleasant experience of his when he stayed in Gaza as the ambassador of Aqsa Sharif
He was outta blue with the magnificent way of how Allah carry things out
He was the seasonal supporter in supporting Gaza but not any more
He insisted us to boycott and to donate as much as possible
He said that he felt like he was at home in that threatened land
The people is so welcoming
Everyone is feeding each of everybody
The girl who loss 30 family members all at once with mean bullets leaving the remaining 6, telling stories about the event without a streak of tears falling
The deaths in schools, community centres, and other places that is intentional
The Israelis claim it to be collateral damage
He is affected by the kindness of the people who we felt in great danger
The strong hearts they have
It is as if things are normal
But it is not
Bombs, missiles, bullets are everywhere
There's no sense of safety
This kinda atmosphere is created from what they believe in
They are hoping for two things, victory or syahid
This one is so hard for me to digest
It is too much to digest
The meaning of their hopes are so intense
I need my readers to help us out
Help us to free Gaza from Israel, the thief

The second talk is more likely to be a factual talk
About the God's promises and all
I am affected
I hope I can help out spreading the words about this

Let's spread the words
Let's do something
Let's free Gaza


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