Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So, It's Durian for Tea Time

I dreaded my time to present my past year questions based on my assigned chapter
My team and I had taken a good pace which all of us were at the same tempo
I was glad that we were complimented for being one of the best presentations
One good news (Good: 1)
Then, I bought a mouse
It turned out to be broken
There was a missing screw
One bad news (Bad: 1)
During class, I couldn't focus
I was so sleepy because of I slept at 5 o'clock
I was wobbly when I walked
After afternoon class, I ran to get my mouse replaced
Thanked God I was not that late
I managed to get one replaced
One good news (Good: 2)
When I walked passing by the booths of selling goods, I saw earphones
I hate the plug ones, I want the usual ones but it was not there
I bought the pair that is no need to plug inside my ear hole since the price was in my expected price range
One good news (Good: 3)
When I was about to get out of the campus ground, the rain came down pouring
We were wet on that red motorcycle
One bad news (Bad: 2)
As we were heading to our friends' house, I needed to fetch some groceries
I thought there were less people
Yes, there were less people BUT
I was waiting like a fool
My phone was outta power
Waiting to pay for 4 items while the cash register kept on to key in continuous number of items, double or triple or even four times more than my items
One bad news (Bad: 3)
I had friends waiting outside
That was so frustrating for to let people wait for me
I felt so bad for doing so
One bad news (Bad: 4)
As we were leaving, the rain started to pour again
Yeah, we were wet on our arrival
One bad news (Bad: 5)
It's tea time and we were about to lavish on the King of Fruits!
One good news!!! (Good: 4)
Thanks to our fellow friend who brought the durian solely for us
I was touched and still am, touched
Thanks to all the other friends who kept the vibe on
The vibe that I missed a lot
The laughter over durian
It was so nostalgic
After we ate up to our fullness, we played carrom waiting for the rain to stop
But, it was already late and we gotta move
One bad news (Bad: 6)
When I was homed, I tried the devices I bought
The mouse is not as expected (Bad: 7)
The earphone is below par (Bad: 8)
Then, nothing so extreme happened up until now
I'm about to sleep
So far, the bad news overtaking the number of good news, Good VS. Bad - 4:8
A big loss, I guess
However, the durian offset the bad news
Eating the way we ate means a lot to me
I hope there were so many times like that in near future
Let's pray for that


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