Sunday, December 16, 2012

So, It May Be The Bottom of The Wheel of Your Life

When I heard the sobbing sound on the other end of the phone, I feel like you were totally devastated

You are bubbly
You are fun

You were not much of you that night
I felt hopeless, helpless
I didn't know what to do
I didn't know what to say
To make you feel better

I felt bad
You always know how to make me feel good
You always know what to say to make me see things in other perspective
To alleviate the depression
To reduce the anxiety

In life, there are bittersweet in it
But when we are going through it
What we can see, only darkness
What we can see, only sadness

It is not my decision to stop you from feeling the sadness
I can only listen to your complaining
You need a break
You need to feel the sadness
It is one of the feelings that we need to feel

I was very pleased that u said u need me to listen to your bad luck
I hope you are doing fine
You need a break
But don't take a very long break
You may missed out a lotta things
I mean, loads of things
Be strong because that will make you different from others
Gonna be there for you whenever u need me
I mean that


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