Friday, December 14, 2012

So, Appreciation Ceremony

After the conference, the organizer treat us, the committee members, to a hi tea
Most of us were not there but these people, the bunch of crazy people, who didn't think would make it to the ceremony, were all there
All 10 of us turned up

Initially, we were sitting at different tables since the reserved places for us, the late-comers, were taken
It wasn't taken by the students, but the lecturers
It seemed like the lecturer love to sit with us since we were fun
Apparently, we are fun!

Working with each one of them was an honour to me
My twin and the others were amazing at the conference
Apparently, they are amazing!

Already missing working with them
Gonna remember those moments


P/S: I think Zul wasn't in the picture but nevermind, I'd remember u. I myself wasn't included in the picture. Ahaha. And I love the food because I could kill my craving for sushi. Sushi o tabemashita :)

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