Friday, December 21, 2012

So, Another RA Experience for the year 2012

Everything was happening so fast
Actually, I was so busy with my submissions, presentations and tests coming
Due to financial constraints that I needed to address, it left me with no choice

We were late for the first day
To the briefing, and to the field to study
The research was on the opinion of people on the Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Food Festival
There were two sites to investigate, from the visitors perspectives

One of the sites were in Central Market and the other was in The Little India, Brickfields
I was assigned at the latter site
We were comprised of two teams, tourism and hotel students team
The grouping was perfect since we didn't have time to start over since it was a new experience where support system would be better if we were grouped among ourselves

The first day, I was good since the energy was there

The second day was not that good as the people were decreasing, means there were only a handful number of hawkers selling food

The third day, even more depressing in terms of the number of respondents

I'd rather do the head counts than to seek for information since the crowd was underwhelming

We had fun, I mean, the other RA's and me
There were Ikmal, Hakim, Faiz, Dillamira, Ain, Wanie, Kak Bear, Nisa, Me, and another Ikmal

Welcoming them to my circle of friends was delightful
It is nice to meet them

It's gonna be remembered


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