Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So, the Unclucky Streaks that I Shared on Twitter

This is how I summarize my day on the 8th November
I believe I was unlucky, but I was wrong
I had fun!
Let us go and read how was my unlucky day went.

The following are tweets taken from my Twitter account, @plumandpeach.

"This is how my bad day went."

"I was asleep late at 4am, splurging a little after working for assignment from 7pm-2am straight."

"Then, at school, Ustazah asked so many questions. I wish I can be a little like a bimbo, but I was lack of sleep. I just couldn't."

"Then, went to print assignment. Emailed the cover to speed up but the PC that has Net was being used. All shaky to type the new one."

"I was shaky because I went out during Ustazah class to bind."

"When I checked the CD for submission, there were no soft copy of the report. What? No!!!"

"Lari naik ke kelas, fidgety because I was afraid. Afraid not being able to send the assignment on time."

"Then, when I was to go back to get the soft copy and laptop for English class, met the lecturer for the next class."

"I was forced to tell him that I'm gonna be late. And he gave me that look."

"When I was on my bike, the fuel is at E. I've no idea that the I could make it to the house or not. Nervous!"

"Banyaknya nyamuk. Susah nak tuit."

"When I was at the house, looked for the doc. Found it but cannot burn straight away at that laptop. Needed to transfer. I needed pendrive!"

"When I transferred and burnt the disc, time to speed off to campus. But where's the key? No!!!"

"Off me go, tank refilled, at the campus I made it. Sharp 11.30pm. The time Ms Flora was about to leave the campus for Shah Alam."

"The office I went. She's no where to be found. Asked the technician, it's a she, she said, she usually came by but..."

"Sometimes she got back straight from to Shah Alam. What??? No!!!"

"That she was kind to check for her class. Then, I rushed for her. I was lucky, she was right outside of the office."


"I gave her the completed assignment and she said I was fast. Fast? Like really?"

"Then, we exchanged goodbyes. To the class I went, an hour later than others. My lecturer still gave me that look. Thank God he didn't fume."

"I tried to stay all cheered up. Tiba-tiba bubbly semacam kat dalam kelas and to no avail, he still gave me the look. Haih, unlucky me."

"Then, I was to be a delivery boy for him as he couldn't grab a bite. He had discussions with his students."

"I found that, the male lecturers that I have now, whom I have been lectured by them previously is different. They are more supportive."

"I love that."

"I love the kind of lecturers who don't judge when we asked questions. It can be something good for reverse psycho, but still, it's learning."

"It'll give less good than more bad."

"Those who I love, they are totally patient now. May God bless their souls, amiin."

"I mean, may God bless their lives. The previous tweet sounded like they are RIP already. No good."

"Then, we went to eat. I mean, my bunch of mad and fun friends and I went to eat. I had a very small ikan. Not very lucky today."

"After I finished the class, my friends left me in the class with the lights out. I was still packing. I don't mind that. What I mind was..."

"I freaked out when I could see a black figure at the corner of my eyes. I feel like sb was sneaking up on me. I turned and totally shocked."

"It was the technician. He was waiting for the class to end to lock up the classes."

"I'm all jumpy and I told him that he scared me. Gelak-gelak-gelak. Then, we had a bit of chit chat. I was still shaky out of shock."

"I ran for the lift since they called out my name. Then, I went down."

"We tried to get all the plans for tomorrow's figured. The clouds were black. I thought of texting but I remembered. Sth left in the class."


"I rushed up. Thank God he was still there. My friend's helmet was with my other friend. Another problem to solve."

"She said the helmet was with her. I thought she'd leave it at their motor that I'd grabbed when we got back."

"I've no idea how to contact. To call or to text. I texted. Had qualms to call."

"I was going up and down the stairs, rushed for lifts to get to any points that I should be as soon as possible. Plus, it was about to rain."

"Actually, the helmet was with my rider. I rushed down by the stairs. Waiting is suffering. Say no to elevators."

"I thought I made it before the rain arrived. Much to my dismay, I made it down but it's raining (✖╭╮✖)"

"The rain was a heavy downpour from the campus compound, a little to far from the gate, but not at our residential area. No rain at all."

"Even the soil was wet, but no rain. When we arrived at the post guard, I felt weird glances were on us. We got all soaked up, lencun."

"Ironically, it wasn't raining nearby. The heavy downpour successfully made us look like lunatics. Huh! Unlucky day."

"When I got home, rehearsed a song for my assignment. It was hard. I was struggling to make it sounded good. Urgh! I was hopeless!"

"I was so tired and sleepy. Tried to get some sleep. Was about to sleep but I was thinking about the big bowl of Koko Krunch and Frosties."

"The cereal was made by my housemate. He offered, I declined. I wanna sleep. But he insisted me to eat some. He handed me the bowl. And..."

"NOOO!!! The bowl was upside down. The loads of cereal, like a load, just fell out from the bowl. The milk was all over my sleeping spot."

"Even worse, it spilt on my handphone!!! NOOO!!!"

"I had to remove it cover. Thank God the handphone wore Prada. Or else, I'd no idea how bad it'll be. Gosh, it's a total nightmare."

"I still believe I was still have some luck, but nah, I didn't."

"We were late for the badminton. They played very shortly. Lambat dah kan? In fact, there's only 1 racket extra. No partners to play."

"I was with the girls. We had no idea what to do. Even they rented t courts, but the thrilled was not the same like when they rented 1 court."

"Unlucky me."

"Then, we had our makan-makan time. Ordered roti canai, but the gravy was finished. I had to eat it with chicken curry."

"It was not as bad as I thought it would be."

"I confided in my friends about my unlucky streaks for the whole day, they told me..."

"I was still lucky that everything came out still nicely. Just that it happened the way I wanted in the nick of time. I should be grateful."

"It left me lost in thoughts. I think. And think. And think. Over and over again."

"The thinking is still going. Yes, like now. I like it this way."

"That's how my unlucky streak hit me."

This never-ending and continuously tweets made my friends think I'm changing my Twitter into blog
He gave me the idea to share it here
And I did share ;)