Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So, Teater Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with Love (Part II)

When the show was over, Linda Onn was the one to introduce responsible people for the show that includes the actors, actresses, dancers, and all
Finally, she invited Tun M and his wife, Tun Hasmah up on the stage to join the Young and Old Tun M and Tun Hasmah
I feel honoured to watch the show with the presence of the two of them
They are beyond amazing people
I wish I can be just like them

Linda requested if Tun M could feed Tun Hasmah the pulut kuning that shaped of heart since all of us never witness such occasion
Tun was covering his mouth, jaw totally dropped and that is so cute of him
When he was feeding Tun Hasmah, that Tun Hasmah decided to feed him as well
Tun M was playful when doing that and about to make Tun Hasmah to fall on her back, on the couch
How cute both of them
I pray that God will bless both loving souls to keep on living with eternal love

The show was overwhelming
The actors played their roles very well
Well done to u guys!!!

I was touched entirely when Tun Hasmah told the real feelings of hers
Of what she had gone through
Of what she needed to go through
Of the will she needed to keep on when she was falling
Of the will to keep her love going
In living her life loving the love of her life
She did what she did was for her devotion to her darling husband

The devotion is pure
Nobody can deny that
I don't know if some people might say the show was spiced up to make it more interesting
But, hell no!
I don't think so!
They are what they are from the show
Even more than that
I believe in that

I am really inspired
From how strong she was back then, and still she is
I am lost in thought
Still lost

The experience is totally indescribable
I'm lost for words
I wish my friends had the opportunity to watch it some times later
Maybe later
I'm in love with theatre performance
Yes, I am...


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